Friday, April 20, 2012

Jersey : My name is Jean and I am a survivor of the Jersey Child Abuse.

My name is Jean and I am a survivor of the Jersey Child Abuse. The Abuse that I, members of my family, and friends suffered took place in an institution many of you won't have heard of.

After coming across a publication by VFC which was a guest posting from TOM PERRY I have made contact with VFC and he has agreed to publish a short guest posting from myself which I hope will bring attention to, or make people aware of, the abuse and suffering concerning those who were in other Jersey Institutions not reported in the media.

I have written a book about the trials and abuse that happened in the "Grouville Girl`s Home" in Jersey. It appears some people that live in Jersey say that they did not know of this Girls Home existing. I can assure you it did, as I was in that home from the age of 6years old until I was 15. My older sisters were in the same home. The staff would routinely beat us with a number of different implements, objects or weapons these would include "stinging nettles". This would happen if we wet the bed or any similar "crime." The staff also put us in ice cold baths of water and would keep our heads under the water until we gasped for breath. There was also sexual more