Monday, April 23, 2012

#EtanPatz : Were The Parents Ever Checked out ?

A comment left on this link and knowing what we now know about the McCann case I believe the poster has a valid point. 33 years ago it would never have entered anyones mind, but in the last couple of years we have had many dead children with parents claiming faked abductions.

What harm could it do to have FBI Martin Grime and his cadaver dog MORSE check out the parent's apartment? Grime, at the moment involved in the Bianca Jones case.

Claims of two independent witnesses to have seen Etan that morning, which would clear the parents.

A woman who lived nearby saw Etan as he stood on the corner of Wooster and Prince, a relatively quiet intersection, as he waited to cross.  A mailman also saw him at that intersection.  They were the last people known to see Etan Patz.

However, something I find a little hinky, the Mom did not telephone the school to see if Etan had arrived safely which as a concerned Mom I would have done but that's just me.


I still strongly think the parents apartment should be dug up as well. Why are they still staying there for 33yrs? 95% of missing children are killed by a parent. Why did Etan get missing only on the first day he walked to school alone? if it was the first day why did the parents not make sure he got it right the first time especially in SoHo, Manhattan? Who even came up with this story that he got missing walking to the school bus? - The parents?

It emerged on Sunday that the basement was also a playroom where Etan's sister and other neighborhood children hung out around the time of the boy's disappearance.
There are no parks near SoHo, so parents banded together and installed tile and painted the walls, to make it somewhere the children could go and play.

Agent Thomas MacDonald, who took over the case more than five years ago and was met with initial resistance from Etan's mother Julie, interviewed Shira to find a new way into the investigation but she is said to have 'shut down' under his direct interview style.