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Etan Patz : Background On Jose Ramos Questioned In 1982.

Ramos was questioned in 1982 when he was found living in a drainpipe and luring young boys for sex. At that time his connection to Etan's baby-sitter was discovered. The baby-sitter failed a polygraph. Her son said Ramos sodomized him for years and he played with Etan regularly.

Interview quotes of Jose Ramos 1990:

Reviewing tapes GraBois determined that "babysat" was code for molest to Ramos.

GraBrois: Mr. Ramos, my name is Stuart GraBois. I'm an assistant U.S. attorney in the Southern District of NewYork. Do you mind if I call you Jose?

Ramos: No, go right ahead. And I guess ill call you Stuart.

Small talk about Ramos background.

Ramos: So what's new? I betcha I can tell you why you guys brought me here.

GraBois: Oh, why's that?

Ramos: Okay...I guess I forgot to pay my taxes on that stuff I sold on the street.

90 minutes of small talk.

GraBois: How many times did you try to have sex with Etan Patz?

Ramos went white and stopped smiling.

GraBois: Don't lie to Mr, Jose...

Ramos: I guess you have a witness. I guess you know everything. ( his voice cracking)

Ramos slouched backed in his chair and sobbed.
Ramos: I'll tell you everything. I never told anyone this before.

GraBois: Start by telling us what happened the day Etan Patz disappeared. And Jose, you better not be lying to us.

Ramos: I remember that morning, I made my rounds, looking for garbage to sell. Then I went over to Washington Square Park, and I saw a little boy bouncing an old tennis ball. And now I think it was the kid who went missing that day.

GraBois: What did he look like?

Ramos: Blond and blue-eyed and he was around six years old.

GraBois: Do you remember how he was dressed?

Ramos: He was wearing a dark jacket, I remember, and he had on a belt with a western buckle. And those sneakers, the kind with bright stripes on them.

GraBois: Did you know this boy?

Ramos: No, no, never seen him before. But I'm telling you it was the kid.

GraBois: How do you know?

Ramos: Because I was over at Sandy Harmon's apartment ...

GraBois: Who's Sandy Harmonic?

Ramos: She was my friend, her and her son Bennett. We hung out a lot together back then.(Just as in 1982, Ramos said Sandy was his lady friend and he was a close friend to Bennett, also. Ramos would visit them two or three times a week back then. On the night of May 25, 1979, or maybe it was the next night, he'd dropped by as usual. Sandy was watching the news, he said; about how authorities were scouring the city for Etan)

 Note: it is known that Sandy Harmon was to stay in the Patz apartment that weekend while the Patz family left. Of course, Etan went missing and they didn't go away for the weekend. Also, when Ramos saw the news at Sandy Harmon's, he ran out quickly to "help look for the missing boy." Some believe it was actually to hide the body better.


1990 interview of Jose Ramos

Ramos: She told me that she knew him; that she used to take care of him. They showed his picture on TV and I'm 90 percent sure that kid was the kid I talked to in Washington Square.

GraBois: You talked to him?

Ramos: We talked a little, and then I asked him if he wanted to go back to my apartment.

GraBois: Um-hmm. Why would you take him back to your apartment?

Ramos: (hesitation) For sex.

GraBois: What happened in your apartment, Jose?

Ramos: I gave him some apple juice, I remember that. Then I picked him up and started to feel around his legs.

GraBois: How high off the ground did you pick him up?

Ramos: This high. (Gestured in air)

Officers moved filing cabinet and drew line at three feet off ground.

GraBois: That high?

Ramos: No, higher. His belt buckle was about here. (Gestured to eye level )

GraBois: Then what happened, Jose? Remember you don't want to lie to me.

Ramos: I'm not lying, I swear it. I tried to have sex with the boy. I admit it, I did some things back in ' 79 that I'm ashamed of. There were kids I took to the movies in Times Square because I wanted to have sex with them, and I messed around with a boy once in a tunnel. But I never hurt nobody, and I never forced any of those kids. This boy said no. He wasn't interested. So I put him down. And then he said he wanted to go to school.

 note: The two incidents Ramos mentioned above were by by knife point and Ramos was arrested for both!

The tone in Ramos's voice changed and he seemed more in control of himself.

Ramos: So we left, and we got in a taxi that took us back down to SoHo. But he changed his mind before we got there, and said now he wanted to go see his aunt in Washington Heights. I walked him to Sixth Avenue and put him on the uptown subway. I remember I waved good-bye to him from the other side of the turnstile as he got on the train. And that's all I know.

GraBois: That's bullshit, Jose!

Ramos: No, it's true. Look, I want to tell you everything. (Crying again) I want to get it off my chest. But I guess I need a lawyer for this. I'll answer all your questions then, even if he tells me not to.

GraBois: We'll get you a lawyer, and we'll take this up again tomorrow.

Ramos: (to Bob Shaw) By the time I tell you everything, you're going to be the police commissioner. (Promised Detective Cavallo a promotion.) ( to GraBois) And you, you'll be famous. You'll have Giuliani's job.

Ran into Giuliani as the elevator opened.
Ramos: Mr. Giuliani, I seen you on TV. The camera makes you look heavier

The next day Jose Ramos sported a Jewish yarmulke and invoked the fifth. He never recanted his 90%" confession, but he never admitted more. Ramos obviously thought police had a witness....who????

Except in jailhouse conversations...

Ramos jailhouse conversation from AFTER ETAN

Fischer: You told GraBois yourself you picked the boy up in Washington Square Park. The newspapers even say that.

Ramos: And that's wrong,too. I didn't pick him up there. It was blocks away.

Fischer: I need to see it on paper, Jose, otherwise the words just go into thin air. If you want me to help you, I have to see it to understand, just like I need case law to write a brief.....

Ramos sketched an X on a makeshift map where he said he'd picked Etan up. It was a spot on Prince Street, a block from the Patz apartment.

Fischer: Then what?

Ramos: Then we went back to my apartment but I never forced him.

Fischrr: Why would he ever go with you?

Ramos: I just walked up to him on the street an said, "Hi, remember me? I'm Sandy's friend."

Fischer: Ramos didn't meet him at random, he was very forceful about this point. (Reported to GraBois) He didn't elaborate as to whether he'd met Etan before. I think it mattered to him that I didn't think he had just 'picked him up'. ....

On another occasion.
Fischer: These young lovers of yours. What constituted sex with them?

Ramos gave a description.

Fischer: is that what you did to the Patz boy?

Ramos: Yes, before I sent him home.

No quotes here, but Fischer said Ramos was then graphic about the acts he performed upon Etan, acknowledging Etan had been fearful and unwilling, but Ramos reassured him.

Ramos: I honor him everyday.

Other statements from Ramos:
I honor Etan's memory
Penetrated, but not all the way
I didn't use force.
They'll never have a body.