Thursday, February 9, 2012

#McCann : #CarterRuck Continue To Shield The McCanns With Drachonian Libel Laws - Cadaver Dog Eddie Did Not Lie In Portugal - Even More Chilling He Did Not Lie When In Jersey !

Rico Sorda was correct to follow the McCann story when he realized that both investigations had been trashed in the same way. The result's from yesterday's court hearing, not a bad day, not a good one either, those who harmed Madeleine are still free !

The Daily Express photographer Mike Gunnill would have been paid to entrap Tony Bennett, when it comes to the McCanns, the FUND ensures they can pay for their dirty work. However, even the gullible must surely start to question how the unpleasant couple have managed to retain the services of Carter Ruck ' Mother Of All Libel Firms ' as they like to be known for almost five years. Of Course the FUND is footing the bill and until Scotland Yard is cleansed of it's deep corruption the McCanns will continue to 'fool some'.