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#Carnival #Cunard #ChildAbuse And Rape On The High Seas

The report's of sexual child abuse are true and there are also allegations on the raping of passengers ALL pushed under the rug because Carnival have the power to do so! Let us hope that those who died on a Costa Cruise Luxury Yacht did not die in vain and that Carnival Cruise are EXPOSED for what they truly are, a company who treats their passengers like herds of cattle with the offer of a 30% discount for your next cruise with them if you complain !


The Mail Online in the U.K. reports tonight that a crewmember who worked aboard two of the world’s most luxurious cruise ships is being investigated by police on suspicions that he sexually assaulted children during the cruises. 

The newspaper reports that the Cunard crew member who allegedly carried out his indecent conduct worked for Cunard for over five years on Cunard’s flagship, the Queen Mary 2, and its sister cruise ship, the Queen Elizabeth.
Queen Mary 2 - Cunard Child Predator?  Detectives in England started the investigation after a parent of one of the abused children tipped the police.   So far, the detectives have interviewed several families in England.   The crewmember suspected of the crimes lives in Wiltshire, in England.

These Cunard cruise ships carried passengers of course from many other countries, including the U.S.

According to this account, the crewmember left Cunard's employment before the police probe began six months ago but has been interviewed by detectives in Wiltshire.  The detectives have apparently examined photographic and computer equipment at the man’s home.

The UK newspaper indicates that Cunard refuses to identify the job position of the the former crew member, "but he is known to have been a low-ranking employee who had regular, close contact with passengers on board."   Based on this description, its sounds like the alleged child predator probably worked as a cabin attendant or a youth counselor.

Sexual molestation of children on cruises is an ugly topic we have written about many times before.  You can read more cases than you want to know about little kids being sexually abused on cruises here.

These two Cunard cruise ships are part of the larger Carnival fleet of cruise ships.  Carnival owns Cunard.  This is the last thing that Carnival wants to be in the press at this time, as it is reeling from the bad publicity after another one of the cruise brand it owns, Costa Cruises, ran a $500,000,000 cruise ship into the rocks and killed around 30 of its guests.

A reckless captain who abandons ship while passengers are drowning in the submerged cabins of the Costa Concordia? 

A child predator who worked aboard the Cunard QM2 and Queen Elizabeth for 5 years? 

What's the next shoe to drop in the Carnival fleet? 


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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jimmy #Saville : Investigated By Police - CPS Did Not Prosecute Due To Lack Of Evidence And BBC Axe Their Investigation - Cover Up?

#ChildAbuse : #Canada's #Genocide -The Canadian Holocaust

Witness to murder at Indian Residential School
Irene Favel describes in a CBC interview (July 8, 2008) how she witnessed the murder of a baby by staff at the Muskowekwan Indian Residential School, run by the Roman Catholic Church in Lestock, Saskatchewan.


Royal #Sandringham Mystery - Child Abductions - Queen Accused

Discussion taking place about the body of a young girl found at the Queesn's estate over the Christmas period at the blog of Craig Murray.We have over the years heard much about the Royal family and the Freemason's ,none of it pleasant. However, the strangest thing, forensic claim they cannot get a good reading for a DNA profile to name the victim ? And this is not the first time a body has been found on the Queen's premises.

Also, some very interesting links have been posted related to the Queen and missing children. Take a look and maybe join the debate...


Kevin Annett – Rev. Kevin Annett – Genocide of Canadian aboriginals at 25 million; 50,000 children now missing; Key witness William Coombes assassinated by Crown and Vatican agents



Queen Named In Child Abductions


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Rico Sorda : The Matt Tapp Report


What I will be showing our readers is the role played by outside Media Consultant Matt Tapp 

His role in Operation Rectangle -"The Jersey Historic Child Abuse Investigation" has gone under the radar 

First I must remind the readers who held what position in 2008

The posts I will be doing will be going right to the heart of the Cover-Up...read more


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#ChildAbuse :Paedophilia Is Not Considered A Crime By The Elite - Is This True ?

In Britain Is Paedophilia Out Of Control ?

Time and time again the same name's crop up along with Haut de la Garenne and yes Madeleine McCann.

Savile entertained and was a star. But he was implicated in things which should have ended his career long ago. Why did Royalty honour him, and are still doing? Why was his contract never stopped at the BBC? The answer is that paedophilia is not considered a crime by the elites. In fact it's one of the ongoing unspoken truths of power in Britain....read more ,also plenty of links to check out in the comments section