Sunday, November 20, 2011

#Sandusky : Story Changes As Cover-Up Begins... McQueary Portrayed As A Liar ?


The lawyer for former Penn State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky said on Tuesday one of his alleged child rape victims will tell "a very different story" from grand jury testimony.

Joe Amendola said in an interview on NBC’s Today program he thinks he's located the man, now in his mid-20s, who was allegedly raped by Sandusky in 2002 as a young boy.

“We believe we’ve found him and if we have found him, he is telling a very different story than Mike McQueary . . . He is saying it never happened,” Amendola said.

In his recent grand jury testimony, McQueary said he told team officials but not police in 2002, when he was a graduate assistant on the football team, that he saw Sandusky sexually assaulting a boy in the showers.

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