Saturday, November 12, 2011

#Sandusky : #PSU Looking For A Way To Cover This Up..Sooner Rather Than Later !

PSU trustees establish committee to investigate abuse scandal

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. - With Gov. Corbett in attendance, Pennsylvania State University's Board of Trustees today established a committee to pinpoint responsibility for the sex abuse scandal that has rocked the institution to its very foundation.

At the board's first public meeting since the scandal erupted a week ago, Chairman Steve A. Garban said the panel would be headed by Kenneth Frazier, president, and chief executive officer of Merck & Co., and State Education Secretary Ron Tomalis.

Frazier, who will serve as chairman, promised an "impartial, open and transparent" inquiry that will document the failures that occurred, identify who was responsible and recommend any needed measures to insure it never happens again.