Sunday, November 13, 2011

#Sandusky #PennState : Part Of A Secret Paedophile Network ?

Was Penn State apart of a secert pedophile network


Staff Writter
Jerry Sandusky has been accused of having sexual relationship with children. Prior to Sandusky being officially arrested and charged, he was allegedly caught having sex with a child by a co worker.

This past action of Sandusky has put Penn State University name in a bad light. The only question that remains that people are asking in their souls relates to Sandusky’s charity.
Was Penn State used as a secret network for the under word of those that take part in pedophile activities? Like most non profits, money is generated and spread around. For Sandusky and his organization titled The Second Mile , the money could have severed many purposes.

One purpose was Sandusky allegedly had access to many innocent more