Saturday, November 12, 2011

#Sandusky #PennState: National Reaction To The Sex Scandal

The sexual abuse scandal surrounding former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky that broke this past weekend has rocked the college sports world and created a media firestorm that is not likely to go out anytime soon. With multiple Penn State officials already stepping down, all eyes are on legendary coach Joe Paterno, who is scheduled to hold a news conference later on Tuesday.

As more fallout from the scandal occurs, here is the latest news and reaction from around the country to Sandusky and Penn State.

The scandal has obviously disrupted the normally peaceful PSU campus, and the Altoona Mirror took a look at how students at the university are dealing with the negative attention. Students seemed angry at Penn State officials for the cover up, while troubled by the hit the university’s image is taking because of the scandal.

While current Penn State players would not comment on the allegations, a source confirmed to the Philadelphia Inquirer that the team was planning on holding a players-only meeting on Monday. Junior quarterback Matt McGloin also made a statement via Twitter on Monday afternoon in which he said that he could not comment on the allegations, but that the team would continue to fight towards its goal of a Big 10 championship.

NCAA President Mark Emmert issued a statement on the scandal on Monday. Emmert said that he would not comment on the details of the allegations due to the ongoing investigation, but that he has read the grand jury report and finds it “appalling.”

Paterno has yet to face any legal consequences due to the scandal, but a Penn State donor is saying that school officials are taking “a fall” for the revered coach. Lewis Katz, who has donated $15 million to Penn State and is also a former owner of the New Jersey Nets, thinks that former athletic director Timothy Curley and VP of finance and business Gary Schultz are taking most of the blame to lift the burden off of the football program, including Paterno. Curley retired, while Schultz requested administrative leave to defend himself in the investigation.

“Curley and Schultz in some ways are taking a fall for the guys on the field,” Katz said in a telephone interview. “How can you be with somebody all those years, and see kids coming to games and road trips, and not feel a little uncomfortable?” more