Saturday, November 19, 2011

#Sandusky #Penn State :Prosecutors- Coach went from mentor to predator

The Penn State players scooped up their defensive coordinator and hoisted him on their shoulders. It was his final game, a crowning victory in the Alamo Bowl, a perfect ending for the coach's 32-year career.

One player said it seemed like "a Hollywood script."

It was December 1999, and Jerry Sandusky had announced his retirement before the start of the season. It was unexpected: the guy who'd spent three decades on the sidelines with legendary coach Joe Paterno wasn't even going to another team. Just 55 at the time, Sandusky had long been expected to replace Joe Pa.

But he was simply quitting.

Sandusky's career was deviating from the widely accepted script. And now, it appears, the Hollywood ending may have been just that -- fiction. And possibly a fa├žade that covered dark, sordid secrets.

When the players carried Sandusky off that field in San Antonio, triumphant, they weren't just celebrating the coach known around State College as the "Dean of Linebacker U." They were honoring a man recognized for his generosity and concern for children in more