Sunday, November 20, 2011

#Sandusky : #Paterno Fired Yet Mike McQueary Still Has A Job !!!!!

Two weeks have passed since news broke that former Penn State University defense coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, was being charged with multiple mike mcquearyaccounts of
child abuse.

Since the story has taken over national headlines, and morally and mentally scarred the lives and minds of all those who have become enveloped with the devastating news, the work and legacy of long respected PSU coach Joe Paterno (JoePa) has been uprooted, President Graham Spanier was replaced, athletic director Timothy Curley, and vice president Gary Schultz have been fired and charged with trying to cover the scandal up from the beginning.

But there's one missing link......Mike McQueary.

Grad assistant-turned assistant football coach, Mike McQueary, is the lone survivor in the firestorm of allegations, lawsuits, and tarnished reputations. Although he was put on administrative leave from PSU's game last Saturday against Nebraska, the question remains: If he saw it happen, why didn't he go to the proper authorities?

Look at it this way, you walk into a shower and you see a man molesting a young boy. What do you do? You panic and tell the head coach of the football team? No. You grab the perp by the neck, you get the boy to safety, and then you drag that maniac to the nearest police station. It's been a decade since I participated in mock trial, but one of the first terms I learned was heresay. Coming from Paterno, McQueary's account of the story, as told by Paterno would have been heresay. It isn't supposed to be enough to hold up in court.

The influential factor was McQueary's account. He saw it happen, he was in the position to not only stop the specific instance, but to make sure it never happened again by going to the police. That's not your coach, that's not your mentor, that's not even a priest in a confessional.
The most important link in that instance was Mike McQueary. And yet, he not only didn't lose his job, or risk facing legal repercussions, he was placed on administrative leave because he was receiving death threats. In reaction to his indifference, the Penn State administration protected him, and threw Paterno to the wolves.

That's not to say that Paterno's firing was undue. It was absolutely the right and reasonable action. But Paterno dedicated the better part of his life to Penn State University, and to that community. His life was Penn State football, and at the end, he wasn't allowed to finish his last season. He was fired effective immediately. Joe Paterno's purpose in life was that football team, and now it's over. He has no purpose. That, in and of itself, regardless of how ridiculous that may seem to some, is probably torture for Paterno -- at the age of 83.

Although that will never begin to make up for the countless number of children who were violated by a man (if you can call him that) of pure evil, there is something to be said for stripping a man of his livelihood as due punishment.

Penn State didn't kick Mike McQueary out of the football program, they didn't even say he couldn't coach this coming Saturday.

Since the announcement of his leave, McQueary has made an official statement to his friends that he "did the right thing" and that he "made sure it stopped."

No. He didn't.

Because if he had, he would have done the right thing. There wouldn't be rumors that Sandusky pimped out the children in his Second Mile foundation to rich donors.

He would have "made the tough decisions" which he so asserts. The right thing would have been to go to the police right away. To make sure he went to the people who make sure Sandusky went to jail, and that Sandusky wouldn't be within 100 miles of another child. Instead he walked the same campus with the man he claims he saw in a shower "horsing around" with a pre-adolescent boy.

Consider this, McQueary witnessed the shower scene that evening, and even though he did he went on about his business for the last decade knowing Sandusky was still interacting with children on a regular basis on the Penn State campus.

According to multiple reports, McQueary fulfilled his legal obligation. As a result, statements have been made to create a law to require report of sexual child abuse to government authorities. There should be.

"Never make assumptions." Is a rule I've learned quickly as a young professional in D.C. You save yourself a lot of trouble just by asking when you're unsure. But in this case, is there ever uncertainty in the violation of the law when it comes to witnessing a grown man molesting a young boy in the shower? Or, to take it one step further, to assume it's ok that same man is allowed to roam a campus freely with children after seeing such an act?

What are we teaching our children? There shouldn't ever be a question in doing the right thing.
It's offensive to the very basis of common sense and morality......

As is the lack of consequence incurred by Mike Mcqueary in this nightmare.

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