Sunday, November 20, 2011

#Sandusky :Dr.Gerry McCann - PAEDOPHILE Allegations That Just Won't Go Away

You claim your three year old daughter has beeen abducted and then a close friend ,another doctor ,goes to the police with fear in her eyes and alleges paedophilia between the father of the missing child and another doctor holidaying with him. The witness statement is then held back from the investigation for several months by the Britsh police while the Portuguese authorities search for a child who the parents insist was 'snatched' from her bed even though there is not a shred of evidence.

Tomorrow, Gerry McCann is going to act out the performance of his lifetime by screwing  Rupert Murdoch for the SECOND time. MURDOCH for the last four years has 'cleared' the McCanns name through his corrupt gutter rags, when in fact the McCanns have not been cleared at all.

However if the couple think MURDOCH is just a stupid old man I do believe they will come to a sticky end.  RUPERT is in full knowledge of the paedophile allegations and has no fear of being sued by Carter Ruck, he may well just publish and be damned more