Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rico Sorda - Interlude CTV - Covering Up Child Abuse

An Interlude before the main posting on Sunday

Below is a letter written by Karin Rankine of Channel Television. She is the Managing Director of CTV Jersey.

The Letter is dated 18th January 2010

This is a letter she wrote to  former Senator Ben Shenton when he was  the Chairman of the Media Working Party.

You should have a good read of this. As you will know, in the UK the Accredited Media is being dragged over the hot coals for the shameful ethics that they have displayed.  

Is Jersey any different I ask?

This Sunday my attention will turn to CTV  and their  collaboration with D/Supt Mick Gradwell.  Like I have said in my previous posting and interview things are too close  between high government and our editorial decision makers.  

At the beginning  of September 2009  CTV ran a specially orchestrated 3 part piece with Mick Gradwell - I will be looking very closely at this and it's links with the infamous piece written by David Rose on the 4th October 2009. This was all so stage managed . It has leaks and all. Oh, plus the odd 20 million shambles headline.

Read the letter below

As someone once said, and no doubt from a prison cell


Rico Sorda........ article in full at Rico's blog