Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#Paterno #Sandusky :Who's Who In The Scandal

Beyond Sandusky and Paterno, the figures are less well known—but their connections abound

MIKE MCQUEARY: Receivers coach

State College native and former Penn State quarterback witnessed the '02 incident, reported it to Paterno, then to Schultz and Curley. Placed on leave.

GRAHAM SPANIER: Former president

Founding editor, Journal of Family Issues; hosted a Big Ten Network show. What he knew of the '98 and '02 cases remains unclear. Fired Nov. 9.

GARY SCHULTZ: Former senior V.P.

Oversaw Penn State police, among other duties. Has campus child-care facility named for him. Charged with perjury, failure to report. Resigned Nov. 6.

TIM CURLEY: Athletic director

State College native who walked on to the football team in the '70s; involved with PSU sports ever since. Indicted on same charges as Schultz. On leave.


Declined to prosecute Sandusky in the 1998 incident.
Disappeared mysteriously in 2005 and was legally declared dead this past summer.

As state attorney general in 2009 initiated the Sandusky investigation. Became a Penn State trustee after his 2010 election.

LINDA KELLY: Attorney general

A prosecutor for more than 30 years, she succeeded Corbett in May 2011 and took over the Sandusky case. Says the investigation is ongoing.
STEVEN TURCHETTA: Athletic Director, Central Mountain High
His testimony concerning Sandusky's interaction with a student at Central Mountain helped catalyze the investigation.

FRANK NOONAN: State police commissioner

Veteran of nearly three decades with the FBI, he has been vocal in criticizing the failures of Penn State administrators.


Penn State grad ('75) and board member since 2009 will lead school's internal investigation. He vows transparency and impartiality.

TOM BRADLEY: Interim coach

Penn State defensive back, '77, '78; succeeded Sandusky as defensive coordinator in 2000, and Paterno last week.

RODNEY ERICKSON: Interim president

After last Saturday's game in State College, said, "We want to demonstrate ... to the rest of the world that Penn State is a caring community