Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Paedophile #Sandusky : Penn State - Many More Victims To Come Forward

As more of the interview is published, the nation will be shocked at what the statements reveal, without need of analysis.

In more statements made to the ESPN show, Jerry Sandusky inadvertantly revealed that we can expect many more victims will come forward to report sexual molestation and inappropriate behavior towards them.

We will post analysis of the full transcripts when they become available.


In an interview on NBC, Bob Costas asked Sandusky whether he was making excuses for his behavior with young boys, which included showering with them.
"Well -- you might think that," Sandusky said in a phone interview. "I don't know. In terms of -- my relationship with so many, many young people. I would guess that there are many young people who would come forward.
Note first that Sandusky answered the question by stating his awareness that others may think he is making excuses for his behavior, then by stating that he doesn't know if he is making excuses.  Jerry Sandusky does not deny that he is making excuses for his behavior.  
Sandusky uses the possessive pronoun "my" in describing his relationship with young people; he takes ownership of his relationship.  "Relationship" is singular, whereas "so many, many young people" implies a large number.   Jerry Sandusky had a singular relationship with many young people; what would make this "singular" but a common denominator that makes it singular:  they were all the same and all based upon the same thing.  
This common denominator is likely sex. more