Friday, November 11, 2011

Joe #Paterno : What The Penn State Players Are Tweeting

We've heard (and seen) from enough Penn State students by now to know that despite sweeping media criticism and the board of trustees decision to fire him, their loyalties still largely lie with former head football coach Joe Paterno.

But to read what his players are tweeting about him and the situation they now all find themselves in is to get a whole new sense of the influence Paterno had over the team and the campus.

"I will be Blessed to say that i had the opportunity to play for the best coach in college football history," tweets current Nittany Lion Adrian Amos.

Clearly the players' messages strike a much more forgiving (and even defiant) tone than those coming from outside of State College, Pennsylvania. All of these players were recruited by Paterno and likely went to Penn State in large part because of his presence.... read more