Thursday, November 10, 2011

Joe #Paterno : Ashton Kutcher Leaves Twitter - Has He Read The Grand Jury Report ?

Split? ... Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. Ashton Kutcher with his wife Demi Moore. Photo: Reuters
Ashton Kutcher, the tenth most popular Twitter user with over 8.2 million followers, is taking a break from the social networking site after he was flamed for tweeting his support for a coach who allegedly covered up child sexual abuse.

Iconic Pennsylvania State University football coach Joe Paterno, 84, was sacked this week by the board of trustees for allegedly turning a blind eye to child molestation carried out by his underling, defensive coach Jerry Sandusky, who has been arrested on charges of molesting and raping eight young boys over 15 years. One victim was just 10.

"How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste," Kutcher, 33, wrote in a tweet that has since been removed.

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