Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jimmy #Savile : Death Of A Showman

The death of Jimmy Saville marks the end of the line for a man who lived a Jekyll and Hyde like existence.

On the one hand Jimmy was the flamboyant pop presenter who appeared regularly on TV and radio and seemed to personify much of the Swinging Sixties. On the other was a far less well known man who inhabited a hidden world where figures from politics and entertainment mixed alongside criminals to gratify their perverted lusts.

In the early seventies a young boy just into his teens was picked up for stealing sweets in a Hampstead supermarket. The boy had already been warned by staff previously so the police collected him and took him to the station where under questioning he disclosed the of names of various men, many in the public eye, who took boys out from the care home where he lived.

The boy had a sexually transmitted disease and the police doctor refused to let the matter drop.

Under questioning the boy revealed that others from the home were meeting men on Hampstead Heath for pocket money at a well-known place for homosexual pickups.

He told how one young boy, small for his age with a large mop of curly blonde hair would loiter around public toilets near the Heath, and when a man approached him a group of other boys who had been hiding behind bushes would jump on the man, beat and rob him.

Known as “poof bashing” the boys thought themselves safe from prosecution, as their victims would be unlikely to report the crime to police.

At the time a secret investigation into sexual abuse by priests called Operation Templeman uncovered widespread sexual abuse by the clergy.

It was said that paedophiles thought they had it made if they joined the clergy, although at the time no one thought to ask why the church had drawn such people into its ranks.

However, the abuse wasn’t confined to the Catholic clergy. A well-known IRA man during a deathbed confession sacrament told of kinky parties in Dublin and London, where young boys were brought by a well-known figure in the underworld who, my sources affirm, was East End gangster Ronnie more

To Be Clear : Roco Sorda Blogspot has made it plain, to his knowledge Jimmy Savile was never an abuser of children in Jersey.