Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cynthia Owen :Garda (Irish Police) members of a satanic/paedophile network, based in Dalkey Dublin, ritually (occult/satanic abuse) raped Cynthia Owen and her siblings for 6 years!

In the Sunday World newspaper 14th March 2010 by Nicola Tallant - Cynthia Owen makes explosive claims against the highest ranking Garda - claiming a coverup!

Quote: "This week Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy refused a request to have the investigation probed by the Cold Case Unit despite strong suggestions of a coverup detailed today in the Sunday World."
"a string of complaints have been made against a senior officer (Garda) involved in the probe who is connected to the case - he was a one-time friend of Peter Murphy Snr
and socialises with a number of the men accused of ritual (occult/satanic/ of a child - seriously comprising his involvement in the investigation."