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Voice For Children :Deputy Tadier Talks State Media (Part 1)

Deputy Tadier Talks State Media (Part 1)

In our PREVIOUS POSTING we demonstrated how Jersey's State Media Report (OR NOT) the "News."

We carry on this theme, in an interview, with Jersey Politician Deputy Montfort Tadier who on a number of occasions has fallen victim to "Jersey Journalism."
In this frank, in-depth and exclusive interview the Deputy tells us of the latest piece of (at best) lazy "journalism" from Jersey's only "News"Paper The Jersey Evening Post. Something he himself has Blogged HERE.

Deputy Tadier tells us, among much more, he believes that "Reporters are working within an institutional Bias." He goes on to say "Bloggers completely change the dynamic" and wants "a level playing field" between the State Media and Bloggers when it comes to filming/reporting States and Scrutiny (Parliamentary Select Committee) Meetings and Hearings....read more

Child Abuse :"Privacy is for paedos; fundamentally nobody else needs it" - Paul McMullan at Leveson Inquiry

Thank-you Mr. McMullan and that may explain why we have so many child abuse cover-ups by the British Goverment !

McMullan: "Privacy is the space bad people need to do bad things. Privacy is for paedos. Privacy is evil" #leveson

BBC News (UK)

"Privacy is for paedos; fundamentally nobody else needs it" - Paul McMullan at Inquiry

Guardians Nick Davies Discussing Jersey Child Abuse - LIVE Coverage...Over Confident Nick - Will Upload Transcript And Video Later Today

NICK DAVIES articles on Jersey Child abuse clearly a non believer, he also believes in the innocence of the McCanns... hmmm




Not sure Davis should be so confident regarding Jersey childrens home. At least not according to Lenny Harper & surviving victims.

FULL TEXT Of Guardians Nick Davies Witness Statement At Leveson Inquiry - Video to follow

Nick Davies confessed the Guardian have published fabricated stories...The GUARDIAN no longer credible !

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It Is Not Just Jersey Is It Or Dunblane It is Clwyd Too..

Child Abuse: The Waterhouse Cover- Up Another Jersey Child Abuse Cover -Up !

Waterhouse report
The UK government is implementing Waterhouse recommendations
An MP says the Waterhouse report into the north Wales child abuse scandal is seen as a cover up because it does not name politicians, police officers and judges suspected of abuse.
Martyn Jones made the allegations during a Commons debate on the report - a debate attended by just six Welsh MPs.
The government has denied the claims that a former Welsh Office inspector convicted of abusing boys drew up terms of the Waterhouse abuse inquiry.
The Wales Office Minister David Hanson rejected the allegations made in the Commons by the Clwyd South MP, Martyn Jones.
Mr Jones also claimed that Derek Brushett advised the former Welsh Office Minister Rod Richards against holding a public inquiry into claims of abuse in north Wales.

The tragedy is we know these children in North Wales were not alone. The clear evidence is that too many children in the past were failed by the very services that should have been there to help them
Health Minister John Hutton

Mr Jones's allegations came during a full Commons debate on the Waterhouse report into abuse at children's homes in north Wales.
Just six Welsh MPs attended the debate.
Earlier, Mr Jones suspended a threat to publish the names of 45 other people named in the Waterhouse report who he believes should be investigated by police.
By naming alleged abusers in Parliament, Mr Jones could not be sued for what he reveals.
But he said he will not do so until he has checked allegations with the police, but pledged that he will raise questions about the way the inquiry was carried out.

Martyn Jones MP
Martyn Jones MP: Naming threat
Only six of the 40 Welsh MPs were present for the start of the debate on Friday in the Commons.
Vale of Clwyd MP Chris Ruane also warned the House of Commons that care workers needed protection from disturbed children, after a worker in a care home was allegedly sexually assaulted by a young resident.
Mr Ruane said he had been visited by the care worker after the assault and questioned what the Government was doing to protect workers.
The Health Minister John Hutton said it was ultimately the task of employers to ensure a safe working environment for their staff.
Naming threat
Opening today's debate, the Westminster Health Minister John Hutton outlined measures the government has taken in response to Waterhouse - including the establishment of a Children's Commissioner.

Chris Ruane MP
Chris Ruane MP: Raised concerns
Mr Hutton said other key recommendations of the Waterhouse report were already being implemented, including a complaints procedures, independent advocacy and the establishment of the National Care Standards Commission.
He said a full response to the report would be published in the summer and The Protection of Children Act was likely to come into place in the autumn.
"The problems are bigger than any one individual ... they are rooted in systematic failure," Mr Hutton told MPs.
"The tragedy is we know these children in north Wales were not alone.
The clear evidence is that too many children in the past were failed by the very services that should have been there to help them."
The issue of a commissioner for Wales was debated again in the Welsh National Assembly in Cardiff this week.


Child Abuse - A Blog To Raise Awareness By Ankit Patel

Sandusky : Penn State Sex Abuse Probe Begins

(Reuters) - Investigators from the Department of Education arrived at Penn State University on Monday to review how it handled sex abuse charges against a former football coach, the school said.

Department representatives will see if Penn State met federal crime-reporting requirements over allegations that former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky molested eight boys over a 15-year period.

"We are making every effort to provide the review team with immediate access to all requested records and information sources pertaining to all aspects of Clery Act compliance," Penn State President Rodney Erickson said in a Saturday statement.

Under the Clery Act, colleges and universities that take part in federal aid programs must keep and disclose information about crimes that take place on campus.

Sandusky, 67, is the focus of a wide-ranging investigation of alleged child sex abuse outlined in a 23-page grand jury report this month.

The report includes a charge that Sandusky attacked a boy in a football locker room on campus in 2002. Sandusky, who retired in 1999, has denied any wrongdoing.

Revered football coach Joe Paterno and President Graham Spanier were fired by trustees in the wake of the grand jury report. The former athletic director and an ex-finance official face perjury charges.

Penn State also faces a raft of other investigations, including by its trustees and the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Pennsylvania's attorney general has said her probe is still open.

The Department of Education had told Penn State on November 9 that it would investigate its compliance with the Clery Act.

The department can impose civil penalties for infractions of the act and can suspend schools from taking part in federal student financial aid programs.

(Reporting by Ian Simpson and Greg McCune)


Syracuse Coach Fired Amid Sex Abuse Probe !

SYRACUSE, New York — Syracuse University has fired Bernie Fine as an assistant men’s basketball coach, the school announced Sunday night, hours after new reports arose regarding his alleged sexual abuse of boys.

“At the direction of Chancellor Cantor, Bernie Fine’s employment with Syracuse University has been terminated, effective immediately,” university Senior Vice President Kevin Quinn said in a statement, referring to Syracuse Chancellor Nancy Cantor.

Fine was placed on administrative leave earlier this month, after former Syracuse ball boy Bobby Davis and his stepbrother, Mike Lang, accused him of molesting them. The university in announcing Fine’s leave earlier this month noted it had conducted its own investigation in 2005 and was “unable to find any corroboration of the allegations.”

“The events of the past week have shaken us all,” Cantor said in a statement Sunday. “No other witnesses came forward during the university investigation (in 2005), and those who felt they knew Bernie best could not imagine what has unfolded.”

Syracuse men’s basketball head coach Jim Boeheim said in a statement Sunday night that he believed “the university took the appropriate step” in firing Fine, his assistant coach the past 35 years.

“The allegations that have come forth today are disturbing and deeply troubling. I am personally very shocked because I have never witnessed any of the activities that have been alleged,” said Boeheim, who days earlier said Fine had his “full support.” “I deeply regret any statements I made that might have inhibited that from occurring or been insensitive to victims of abuse.”

The news of Fine’s firing came the same day that the Syracuse-based Post-Standard newspaper and ESPN both reported the existence of a recording of a 2002 phone conversation that they said Davis had recorded between him and the coach’s wife.

Davis provided the recording to the Post-Standard soon after it was recorded, but the newspaper then declined to report on it because it couldn’t find “witnesses, enough corroborating evidence or a second accuser.”

The wife, Laurie Fine, at the time suggested to the Post-Standard that Davis had taped her on multiple occasions and edited the recordings to make them appear more inflammatory.

In the tape, a woman — which ESPN, citing experts, claims was Laurie Fine — said she knew “everything that went on” with her husband, adding that “he thinks he’s above the law.”...read more


Jersey Child Abuse : Rico Sorda -Scrutiny Review - The Findings- 3 -Jersey State Media

Please  go to Rico's blog (above link ) and view the rest of this article. Thank -you

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Cynthia Owen :Child Sex Abuse Results In Sisters Suicide

A woman hung herself as a direct result of sexual abuse during her childhood in Co Dublin, an inquest heard tonight.

The body of Theresa Murphy – a sister of Cynthia Owen who has claimed to be the victim of sexual abuse in her childhood – was discovered on February 24, 2005.

Ms Murphy’s best friend, Kevin Harran, said the 33-year-old’s suicide at the apartment she rented in Cabra Park in Dublin’s Phibsborough was without a doubt directly linked to the sexual abuse she had suffered.

“I knew her 11 years – one day she would be fine the next day she would be like that,” he said. “It (sexual abuse) was mentioned many times.”

Mr Harron said that Ms Murphy had mentioned that she used to run away from her home to her sister Cynthia Owen, who was 10 years older than her.

Ms Owen, who had moved to England, saw her sister for the first time in nine years last February. Ms Owen recently told the Dublin County Coroner’s Court she was the mother of a baby girl discovered stabbed to death in a lane in Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin, in 1973.

The woman, who is now in her forties, has claimed the baby was one of two she gave birth to as a young teenager as a result of sexual abuse during the 1970s in Co Dublin.

Of her sister, Ms Owen said: “She was very distressed and told me she was suicidal as a result of sexual abuse as a child.

“She was battling sexual abuse all her life, she couldn’t hold down a job because of it.”

The packed Dublin City Coroner’s Court heard during her life Ms Murphy had suffered flashbacks and nightmares.

“She felt angry and cheated as the person who had abused her had not been made pay,” Ms Owen said.

Ms Owen said her sister felt she could not cope after another brother’s body, who had also been sexually abused, was found. She had also spoke of another brother who had died in 1995.

Ms Owen said: “She told me I was wasting my time and I wouldn’t get justice.”

The inquest heard Ms Murphy said she had lost all faith in life and felt no-one cared.

“She felt the only peace she would get was to end her life,” Ms Owen said.

Dr Teresa Coll, who was Ms Murphy’s GP, said she was distressed she had lost two brothers at such young ages and meeting her sister again had meant a lot to her.

The doctor said she was concerned at betraying Ms Murphy’s confidence but she had heard further details about the sexual abuse that were not revealed in court.

Landlord, Harry Shannon, said he had become concerned about Ms Murphy after she failed to answer the door to him. The inquest heard he alerted the fire brigade on February 24, 2005 after he pushed open the door and saw a leg behind it.

The court heard a rope attached to Ms Murphy’s body was cut down from behind the door and the pathologist found Ms Murphy had died from asphyxiation due to hanging.

Sgt Declan Healy from Mountjoy Garda Station said a lengthy 33-page letter addressed o Ms Owen was found at the scene.

“It explained the pain the deceased was in around the time of her death,” he said.

He added: “She was abused as a young person. During the course of life to get away from that she had to leave the family home. She referred to suffering because of it the rest of her life.”

Gerry Dunne, a solicitor for Ms Owen, said: “You have heard it mentioned in each instance – sexual abuse in the past.”

Mr Dunne said he understood due to legal restrictions any aspect of criminal liability could not be brought up.

“She was a beautiful young lady and it was an absolute tragedy that she ended up taking her own life,” he said.

Mr Dunne appealed for Ms Murphy’s letter to be read out in court as she had wanted her voice to be heard.

“This is a lifelong psychological problem they inflict on their victims,” Mr Dunne said, calling upon the coroner to warn perpetrators of the dreadful consequences of abuse.

Mr Dunne said that a cousin of Ms Murphy’s, who was also in court, wanted to say that the person who had abused Ms Murphy had also abused her.

Coroner Dr Brian Farrell, who passed a verdict of death by suicide, said he sympathised with the family but could not go into it for legal reasons.
“I don’t think I have ever seen so many friends in court at one time,” he said. “I can see she was an extremely popular person and loved by many people.

“Theresa is at peace now but the rest of you are all left with the sorrow and tragedy of her death.”

Read more: http://www.breakingnews.ie/archives/2005/0930/ireland/cwcwmhcwqlql/#ixzz1euKwgWUy



Cynthia's monster dad had sex with her from age 7 and made her pregnant when she was just 11

THE TRUTH WILL OUT: Cynthia talks to our Nicola Tallant about her disturbing book
THE TRUTH WILL OUT: Cynthia talks to our Nicola Tallant about her disturbing book
THE TRUTH WILL OUT: Cynthia talks to our Nicola Tallant about her disturbing book
THE 'penniless' father at the centre of the sensational Dalkey House of Horrors case left €90,000 in his will amid claims that he sold his daughter to a paedophile network which operated in the wealthy seaside village.

He also is believed to have stumped up more than €30,000 in legal fees before he died fighting an inquest that ruled a newborn baby was murdered in his family home at White's Villas.

Today his daughter Cynthia Owen, the mother of the baby Noleen, says she was raped by her father and sold to a paedophile ring and is calling for the Garda Cold Case Unit to review her case.

She says that SEVEN of the men, including three former Gardai, are still alive and living in the community.

One of those she has accused is her brother Peter Murphy Jnr who is living in Cabinteely and working as an odd job man.

Another is a relative who is now based in London and who she says regularly beat her black and blue while abusing her. Her full story which is contained in a disturbing book Living With Evil, exclusively serialised in the Sunday World, will stun the nation today.

In it, the 48-year-old alleges that she:
  • was forced to share a bed with her father from the age of seven and was raped nightly by him.
  • became pregnant from the abuse when she was just 11 and gave birth in the family home;
  • watched in horror as her mother Josephine stabbed the newborn girl to death with a knitting needle and even tried to stuff the child into an oven in an effort to kill her;
  • accompanied her mother as she dumped the body in a laneway in nearby Dun Laoghaire;
  • had a second child when she was 14 which was stillborn and buried in the back garden and;
  • was sold for drink, cigarettes and valium to a network of paedophiles by her evil parents.
"I was brought to a building in the middle of the night where I was put on a table and they took turns with me.

Children's Allowance

PURE EVIL: Cynthia’s vile abusing father
PURE EVIL: Cynthia’s vile abusing father
PURE EVIL: Cynthia’s vile abusing father
"It happened once a month and always before Children's Allowance Day. My mother would bring me to the building and then bring me home when they were finished with me. And every day after I had been taken to the building I was made call to houses where the men would give me bags of things and bottles of sherry.

"I was always drugged by my mother before being brought there. During those days I was a zombie, living in fear. You're on hyper alert."

Peter Murphy Snr died more than a year ago denying all claims that he raped Cynthia and fathered a child to her when she was just 11 years old.

The former council worker lived out his last years in a local authority house on benefits but today the Sunday World can reveal how he managed to amass a small fortune which he bequeathed to four members of his family including his son Peter Jnr who has also been accused of rape and assault.

He died while fighting inquest findings in the High Court. Incredibly, the impoverished council worker had €89,699.88 in an EBS building society account at the time of his death.

He also had insurance cover of €1,689. The money was given to Peter Murphy Jnr who has been accused of rape by Cynthia and her sister Frances.

DUMPED: Where Cynthia’s baby was left
DUMPED: Where Cynthia’s baby was left
DUMPED: Where Cynthia’s baby was left
Murphy, who waived his right to anonymity at the inquest, vehemently denied the allegations. Other benefactors named in the will are Mr Murphy Snr's daughters, Catherine Stephenson with an address in Dun Laoghaire, Margaret Murphy and Esther Roberts both of whom are living in Wales.

Catherine has taken up her fathers battle to overturn the inquest decision on the grounds that County Coroner Dr Kieran Geraghty was biased in his conduct of the inquest.

Cynthia has fought for years for the case to be properly investigated and today describes her horrific childhood in her own words.

Her memoirs will turn the spotlight on local school Loreto Abbey where she was a pupil when she was pregnant aged 11.


SILENCE: Gardai called to Cynthia’s school, but despite her ‘bump’ there was total silence
SILENCE: Gardai called to Cynthia’s school, but despite her ‘bump’ there was total silence
SILENCE: Gardai called to Cynthia’s school, but despite her ‘bump’ there was total silence
In the book she claims that a nun at the school quizzed her about why she had a prominent bump and had to wear a large coat to cover her pregnancy.

Despite the suspicions she returned to school in the days after giving birth while Gardai launched a nationwide appeal for the mother of a newborn baby discovered in the laneway to come forward.

"It was on Garda Patrol and all over the television," she says. "I remember they sent appeals out to the schools for the mother to come forward because they reckoned it must have been a young girl. But nobody said anything."

Cynthia and her legal team are to continue their fight for a full inquiry into her case despite being refused meetings with both the Minister for Justice and Minister for Children Barry Andrews.

"Since the inquest I have had no peace or a chance to heal, I have had to write this book to highlight the injustice of my daughter's murder and the lack of action taken in the case.

"My daughter was clearly identified at the Inquest, her place of birth and death established as 4 Whites Villas Dalkey, providing the gardai with a murder scene, time of death and likely suspects and yet they interviewed only three people after the inquest and once again the DPP decided not to prosecute for the seventh time.

"The Minister for Justice at that time, Michael McDowell, ordered an inquiry into the case, but I wasn't even interviewed as part of that inquiry and our request for specific terms of reference were denied.

UPSET: Cynthia leaves the coroner’s court with her husband Simon
UPSET: Cynthia leaves the coroner’s court with her husband Simon
UPSET: Cynthia leaves the coroner’s court with her husband Simon
"Since the inquest finding and the report was completed my solicitor has been trying to secure a meeting with the present Minister for Justice, Dermot Ahern, but he has repeatedly refused to meet with me. My solicitor received a letter into his office on 4th January 2010 from the Minister office again refusing to meet me.

"The Minister for Children Barry Andrews refused meet me or my solicitor saying he is too busy.

"I have released this book with a heavy heart, but I feel that Noleen would want me to prove her existence and her identity, because all we have been left with is her name and the place where she lays, unacknowledged and betrayed," she said.

Cynthia who now lives in Wales with husband Simon today calls for a Garda Cold Case investigation to be launched into her case and her allegations about the paedophile ring.

The Unit which is headed by Detective Chief Superintendent Christy Mangan is one of the most high profile squads in the Garda Siochana and has expertise in reviewing old cases and making fresh recommendations on them.

"Both my parents have died during my legal battle to have them brought to justice, but some of those who operated with my parents in the paedophile ring are still alive and still living in Dalkey.


"And some of my family members who abused me as a child are still alive and living free lives as innocent men. All these men are living in someone's community and posing a real risk to children.

"If nothing else I hope to feel through this book that I did as much as I could for an innocent baby who died on the day she was born, and left me with a life time struggle and a battle for justice and recognition which sadly neither my daughter or I, or any of my siblings
who were also sexually abused ever relieved.

"I believe that shame lives in the dark and we are only as sick as the secrets we keep.

 I really believe we need to speak out against all types of abuse, it's the only way to stop the sickness from spreading and we have a duty to educate those who are ignorant or who choose to ignore us when they haven't walked a few yards in our shoes, or even lived a few moments in our lives.

"I am talking about the people who are in authority and have the luxury of hiding behind rules and red tape and the luxury of never having to fight to be heard, because they don't need to feel rescued or acknowledged or given recognition for the most heinous of crimes."

If you have any information about the case, contact Nicola Tallant at the Sunday World on 01-8848926 or email nicola.tallant

FOOTNOTE: Case over inquest on baby's death 34 years ago settled
A LEGAL row over an inquest jury’s verdict that a dead baby found in a DĂșn Laoghaire laneway in 1973 was the child of Cynthia Owen, who alleged the child was conceived following rape and sexual abuse, has been settled at the High Court.
The settlement terms include an acknowledgement by Dublin County Coroner Dr Kieran Geraghty that the verdict does not implicate Catherine Stevenson, a sister of Ms Owen, in any wrongdoing whatsoever.

Theres something rotten and extremely evil within the Irish "Police Force!"
When the "Law Makers are the Law Breakers?"




FACHTNA MURPHY : Cynthia Owen EXPOSES Garda A Paedophile Network


THIS is the vile Dalkey House of Horrors couple who pimped out their children to a paedophile network allegedly headed by a prominent businessman.

Peter Snr and Josephine Murphy dance together under a crucifix in the living room of their home where a newborn baby was brutally stabbed to death with a knitting needle and where decades of rape and abuse destroyed two generations of children.

Town hall clerk Peter embraces his wife in a rare moment of drunken affection - usually saved for the kids he ruthlessly raped nightly in his filthy bedroom.

Arrogant Josephine, accused of stabbing the infant born to her then 11-year-old daughter Cynthia to death with a knitting needle, gives two fingers to the camera in this the first ever picture published of her.

Today we unmask Ireland's most evil parents for the first time amid disturbing allegations of a cover up in the Garda investigation into what went on at 4 Whyte's Villas in Dalkey, Dublin. Incredibly, both Peter Snr and Josephine went to their graves without ever having to answer for their horrific litany of crimes.

What is even harder to believe is the fact that their two brutal sons, also pictured for the first time today, are still living as free men despite a raft of allegations about how they too raped and beat their siblings at will.


STATEMENT: In a statement issued last night Cynthia said: “I was abused and raped over approximately 6 years by family members and a group of others including members of the Gardai and whose identity is known to the Authorities"
STATEMENT: In a statement issued last night Cynthia said: “I was abused and raped over approximately 6 years by family members and a group of others including members of the Gardai and whose identity is known to the Authorities"
STATEMENT: In a statement issued last night Cynthia said: “I was abused and raped over approximately 6 years by family members and a group of others including members of the Gardai and whose identity is known to the Authorities"

This week, Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy refused a request to have the investigation probed by the Cold Case Unit despite strong suggestions of a cover-up detailed today in the Sunday World.

We can reveal how a string of complaints have been made about a senior officer involved in the probe who is connected to the case despite the fact that authorities have been alerted that he was a one time friend of Peter Murphy Snr and socialises with a number of the men accused of ritual abuse of a child - seriously compromising his involvement in the investigation.

We can also reveal how official Garda reports in the case may have been forged, vital evidence has gone missing without trace and how officers took eight years to interview a key witness about the night of the murder and then failed to get him to sign his statement, rendering it useless.

A retired Sergeant, Edward Russell, who was involved in the original investigation, has also claimed that he did not make a key statement about the discovery of the body attributed to him in official files.

The statement made on the day the baby was found - April 4, 1973 - gives a detailed account of how he allegedly removed the body to the mortuary and identified it for the subsequent postmortem.

The baby was buried within days of the discovery and the initial murder probe wound up within six weeks with no mother identified.

It was shelved until 1995 when Cynthia Owen came forward and claimed to be the mother of the child. She was able to show officers where the body was discovered and gave them detailed descriptions of what was in the plastic bag the child had been dumped in.

Since then she has given a series of statements to officers detailing the horrific abuse she alleges she suffered at the hands of her father Peter Snr and brothers Peter Jnr and John Joe.

She claimed she had her father's baby aged just 11 and witnessed her mother stabbing the infant with knitting needles before she went with her to dump the body.

In further statements she has alleged that her parents sold her to a paedophile ring that operated in Dalkey who ritually abused her , five of whom are still alive today.

In 2007 an inquest ruled that the murdered baby that died as a result of stab wounds was Noeleen Murphy - the daughter of Cynthia.

Her father, a "penniless" alcoholic, immediately launched an expensive High Court challenge to the decision. It reached court this week with Cynthia's sisters Catherine Stevenson and Esther Roberts taking up the mantle for their dead dad.

Incredibly, both sisters have given statements to Gardai saying they knew about incidents of sexual abuse in the house perpetrated

by their father and brothers. Catherine has said she herself was abused by John Joe. The case was struck out this week when the coroner acknowledged in a statement that the inquest verdict did not implicate Catherine in any wrongdoing.

The Garda file on the Dalkey House of Horrors contains a dossier of claims. Of the six female children raised in the Murphy house, five have said they were either abused or knew about the abuse.

THE SADDEST FAMILY: Theresa and Michael Murphy in 1979, who both later killed themselves
THE SADDEST FAMILY: Theresa and Michael Murphy in 1979, who both later killed themselves
THE SADDEST FAMILY: Theresa and Michael Murphy in 1979, who both later killed themselves

One, a niece, Theresa, who was reared by her grandparents committed suicide in 2005 but left a 32-page note detailing how she was raped along with her brother Micheal, who was found dead more than two years after he disappeared. Another brother Martin also committed suicide in the family home after telling relatives he couldn't cope with the abuse.


In a statement issued last night Cynthia said: "I was abused and raped over approximately 6 years by family members and a group of others including members of the Gardai and whose identity is known to the Authorities.

"Nobody has ever been brought to justice despite everybody of a certain age in Dalkey openly stating off the record that they know what went on."

Cynthia recently released her full story in a book Living With Evil which was exclusively serialised in the Sunday World.

In it, the 48-year-old painted a disturbing picture of life in the Dalkey House of Horrors and detailed how she was forced to share a bed with her father from the age of seven and was raped nightly by him.

She tells how she became pregnant when she was just 11 and gave birth in the family home. She claims she then watched in horror as her mother Josephine stabbed the newborn girl to death with a knitting needle and even tried to stuff the child into an oven in an
effort to kill her.

She has also said that she had a second child when she was 14 which was stillborn and buried in the back garden and that she was also sold for drink and cigarettes to a network of paedophiles by her evil parents.

Peter Murphy Snr died over a year ago denying all claims that he raped Cynthia. Her mother died before him, also refuting the claims.


Cynthia Owen :Garda (Irish Police) members of a satanic/paedophile network, based in Dalkey Dublin, ritually (occult/satanic abuse) raped Cynthia Owen and her siblings for 6 years!

In the Sunday World newspaper 14th March 2010 by Nicola Tallant - Cynthia Owen makes explosive claims against the highest ranking Garda - claiming a coverup!

Quote: "This week Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy refused a request to have the investigation probed by the Cold Case Unit despite strong suggestions of a coverup detailed today in the Sunday World."
"a string of complaints have been made against a senior officer (Garda) involved in the probe who is connected to the case - he was a one-time friend of Peter Murphy Snr
and socialises with a number of the men accused of ritual (occult/satanic/ of a child - seriously comprising his involvement in the investigation."


Cynthia Owen : Irelands Garda A - Operating A Paedophile Network ?

Sunday Tribune 2-10-07
"IT TOOK a jury at an inquest just under four-and-a-half hours to decide what gardaA- have been investigating for 34 years.
At the four-day inquest held at Dublin County Coroner's Court last week, Cynthia alleged she was raped repeatedly from the age of seven or eight into her teenage years by four different people. And she wasn't the only one making accusations. Her three sisters and a niece made allegations of sexual abuse also, as did two of her brothers, both now dead.
All the horrific details of sodomy and incest were not reported in the newspapers. No one could bear to read it. But it's what remained unsaid at the coroner's hearing that may be more shocking than the alleged sexual assault.

Why did 11-year-old Cynthia - who said she had just watched her mother kill her baby that night and then attempt to drown her - not run into the arms of gardaA-?
"I can't go into that, " she told the court quietly when questioned. Coroner Dr Kieran Geraghty was quick to interject. "There are reasons outside this inquest why she couldn't go to gardaA-, " he informed the jury, who looked puzzled. It seemed strange to them that she'd rather go home to a house where she said she suffered systematic rape on a regular basis than seek police help.
Implications hung heavy in the air about why she would fear some members of the gardaA- more than members of her own family."
(Quote from Jim Cairns!)
Note how the Sunday Tribune journalist inserts a capital A in many words and names in the article- is he/she inferring that the A represents an occult symbol?


Cynthia Owen : The DALKEY ' House Of Horrors'....A Paedophile Ring Operated In The Capital In The 1970s.

By Kevin Doyle
Saturday January 09 2010

DALKEY 'house of horrors' victim Cynthia Owen says the paedophiles who abused her are still living in Dublin.

In an emotional TV appearance, the woman who was impregnated by her father at the age of 10, said a paedophile ring operated in the capital in the 1970s.

And although her father is now dead, she says that up to eight other child abusers are still alive and at large.

Ms Owen last night outlined in graphic detail the extent of abuse that occurred before and after she gave birth to a baby that her mother then stabbed to death with a knitting needle.

"They died laughing at me and taunting me," Ms Owen said of her parents on The Late Late Show.


Child Abuse Investigated In Ireland (Archive)

Investigating child abuse in Ireland
The Republic of Ireland has been shocked by a torrent of child abuse allegations in recent years and soon an independent commission will investigate what really went on the country's children's homes.
The Christian Brothers religious order, which has been accused of mistreating children in its care, speaks exclusively to Branwen Jeffreys of the BBC Radio 4 programme Broadcasting House.
In a hired hall in Coventry, a small crowd stands to remember their school fellows with a minute's silence. This disparate group of men and women are here to share not fond memories but the recollection of an upbringing marred by sexual abuse and neglect.
The common thread, a childhood spent in Irish homes, orphanages and borstal style schools. After decades of silence and denial Ireland is facing up to a shameful and cruel mistreatment of thousands of children despatched into care by the courts.
'Abuse, deprivation and gross injustice'
As more people have come forward to talk about their experiences the numbers attending these meetings have grown. The support group Survivors of Child Abuse (SOCA) now claims 1,500 members in Britain. It is one small part of a diaspora now pinning their hopes on an independent commission about to begin work in Ireland.
"It's vital for justice, for those who went through the system. We hope our concerns are listened to, after the failure by Ireland to address the issues of abuse, deprivation and gross injustice," says Patrick Walsh from SOCA.
With other support groups they are lobbying the commission, which has just opened its offices in Dublin. It is the fulfilment of a promise by Bertie Ahern, the Irish Taoiseach, who earlier this year apologised to those who had been abused in institutions paid for by the state, but often run by religious orders.
In recent years the trickle of allegations that began in the 1980s has turned into a torrent. The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse is an unprecedented attempt to establish the scale of mistreatment of several generations. The panel of three independent experts is expected to spend a couple of years piecing together the story of a system which it's now recognised was often brutal and cruel.
'It was horrendous'
In north Dublin, the main building of what was Artane industrial school towers over the new housing estate built around it. Now an ordinary school, Artane was the largest borstal style school run by the Christian Brothers.
Its name is now associated with a catalogue of mistreatment as former pupils have come forward to talk about its harsh regime. Michael O'Brien was among the first to talk publicly about his experiences at a time when suggesting abuse in a Catholic institution was still a taboo.
Sixteen years later he is waiting to retell it to the commission. "I was invisible, that's how I used to think of myself. It helped me to cope."
In his Dublin flat he recalls his years in Artane in the 1960s, where he claims sexual abuse by several Christian Brothers began when he was 11.
"A brother might go through the sexual act, which could involve anything from pet sex right up to rape and then blame you the child for tempting him into the situation, taking it out on you, punching or using his leather strap. It was horrendous."
His allegations are among 250 complaints being investigated by a special team of the Irish police.
The Christian Brothers have spoken rarely about the allegations, but with the commission beginning its work they agreed to an interview at the offices of their PR company.
Did Brother Michael Murray recognise the vivid descriptions of former pupils of cruel and abusive institutions?
Pausing carefully to weigh his words he told me it was not recognised by some of the brothers who worked in the industrial schools.
"I have read victim impact reports and I couldn't deny that serious damage has been done to a large number of people." But Brother Michael cannot explain why abuse went unchecked.
"It's one of the puzzles, how could it go on for so long? It also leads us to believe it wasn't happening at the scale that's been said."
The order, which also apologised last year, is anxious to stress that it was part of a system which involved the government departments of education and justice.
In the next few weeks the Irish Government will announce what powers will be agreed with the commission.
If it is to investigate how much was known within the religious orders and by civil servants and ministers, many believe it should have the power to compel witnesses to attend and to demand access to documents.
But Education Minister Michael Martin believes its primary task must be to listen.
"I think there will be an issue about the balance between the therapeutic and investigative side, but on balance I favour the emphasis on the therapeutic.
We are determined to give the commission the powers it needs to do the job it needs to do."


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rico Sorda - Interlude CTV - Covering Up Child Abuse

An Interlude before the main posting on Sunday

Below is a letter written by Karin Rankine of Channel Television. She is the Managing Director of CTV Jersey.

The Letter is dated 18th January 2010

This is a letter she wrote to  former Senator Ben Shenton when he was  the Chairman of the Media Working Party.

You should have a good read of this. As you will know, in the UK the Accredited Media is being dragged over the hot coals for the shameful ethics that they have displayed.  

Is Jersey any different I ask?

This Sunday my attention will turn to CTV  and their  collaboration with D/Supt Mick Gradwell.  Like I have said in my previous posting and interview things are too close  between high government and our editorial decision makers.  

At the beginning  of September 2009  CTV ran a specially orchestrated 3 part piece with Mick Gradwell - I will be looking very closely at this and it's links with the infamous piece written by David Rose on the 4th October 2009. This was all so stage managed . It has leaks and all. Oh, plus the odd 20 million shambles headline.

Read the letter below

As someone once said, and no doubt from a prison cell


Rico Sorda........ article in full at Rico's blog


Friday, November 25, 2011

Jersey Island Of Secrets (Short Edited Version )

Jersey : Cadaver Dogs Eddie And Keela With Their Handler Martin Grime. Dogs Don't Lie !

Jersey : Voice For Children - No Body Remains !

Above - tiny bones are all that remain of Caylee Anthony , her mother killed her and dumped her tiny body like a bag of garbage.

A play on words  'no body remains' but plenty of body parts scattered on the beautiful Island of Jersey, there are those digging deep to uncover and expose dark , dark secrets and they will succeed, one day the truth shall be known !


Rico Sorda : Threats To Silence This Very Brave Man Continue As He Attempts To EXPOSE The Child Abuse / Cover-Up In Jersey !






SIMPLE  - THEY WERE IN ON IT - THAT WILL BE THE NEXT POSTING..read article in full at Rico's


Jerry Sandusky :Victims Intend To Sue Sandusky's Foundation

One of the young men who has accused the former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky of sexual abuse sought an injunction Wednesday to stop the Second Mile charity from transferring or divesting its assets. In court papers, the accuser said he and others planned to sue the charity, which was founded by Sandusky in 1977 and reported assets of more than $9 million last year.


Sweden : Woman - Child Pornography And Sweden

UK Paedophilia Runs Rife In High Places !

MP's : Child Abuse - Is Any Child Safe ?

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Jimmy Savile : Have I Got News For You !

It is alleged that this was actually recorded during the last series of "Have I Got
News For You" when Jimmy Savile was a guest on Paul Merton's team.
Incredibly, it didn't make our screens. (It seems that Mr. Merton did not like Mr.Savile very much)





Lyn Barber :

She evens manages to raise the topic of little girls with Jimmy Saville (Barber concludes - quite rightly - that the fact that the tabloids have never come up with a shred of evidence againt Savile is as near proof of his innocence on this point as you can get). She may be a woman but no one could say she lacks cojones.


The Wheel of Fortune

By T Stokes on September 6, 2011

Many have wondered how the controversy over former IMF chief Dominique Strauss –Kahn’s escapades ever reached the public? After all the Murdoch press serve the same masters as Strauss-Kahn so they could easily have kept this scandal from public scrutiny.

As the wheel of fortune turns it turns good fortune and prosperity for one man and desolation and ruin for the next.

What did Strauss-Kahn do whereby he needed to be pushed from favour?

The Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss specialised in honey trapping Hollywood luminaries and political high flyers that were lured into the frame to be blackmailed.

The British brothel madam Lindi St Claire, the original Miss Whiplash ran a similar service supplying the most extraordinary beautiful women to those in government in the seventies and eighties. Her underground torture chamber was reputedly rigged for secret sound and film, although I hasten to add that I do not know for which intelligence service, if any.

She also would arrange a service called ’normalising’. This occurred when suspected homosexuals were dining quietly in a cosy romantic restaurant with someone of the opposite sex when press photographers would suddenly burst in on them. The resulting photos would then appear in the next day’s papers. Thus when rumours circulated about pop singer Cliff Richard some years back he was photographed with a female tennis player, killing off any rumours about his sexual proclivities and ‘normalising’ him.

However, Lindi was involved in a very strange car crash, where she was driven off the road and was close to losing her life in similar fashion to Princes Grace of Monaco and Princess Diana.

During renovations the restaurant opposite the House of Commons was found to riddled with British and Soviet listening equipment professionally wired into the building’s fabric. Thereafter both restaurants and pubs were kept inside Parliament for security purposes.

The DJ Allan ‘Fluff’ Freeman, brought a special blend of quick humour and colour to radio and televised pop music shows. He owned a large corner shop in Lea Bridge Rd. London, and this was the venue for many kinky parties where young boys from several care homes would be brought in by taxis for the night. Jimmy Saville, Jonathan King, Joe Meeks and on occasion Brian Epstein, all Jewish pop mogul homosexuals would party and ply drugs and alcohol to young boys. The local police chief was horrified to find Liberal party leader Jeremy Thorpe and other top politicians also attended these parties, and a boozy lunchtime in the policemen’s pub the Windmill, made sure the kinky parties quickly came to an end.

Jeremy Thorpe had a taste for young street boys and runaway teenagers were often brought to him, and at his trial for the attempted murder of male prostitute Norman Scott, he threatened to expose the perversions of many members of government.

Thorpe’s threats worked, he was found not guilty and he got off as it was said ‘Scott free’.

One of those who stood most to lose was Sir Edward Heath prime minister from 1970-74, who was known to visit the Jersey care home the Haute Garrene among others to take young boys on boating weekends on his yacht called ‘Morning Cloud’, or as bodyguards referred to it, ‘Morning Sickness’.

Heath was warned on 4 occasions by the head of the Metropolitan police not to loiter in London’s lavatories and not to try to pick up young boys. Nonetheless, he quickly fell prone to blackmailers who insisted he dress up in a ridiculous Gestapo uniform in which he was photographed.

Under threat of exposure Heath was forced to enter Britain into the Common Market, now the European Union, under very unfavourable conditions. It is still a bone of contention among scholars how he became PM in front of the immensely popular and scholarly Enoch Powell who to all intents and purposes should have been Prime Minister.

Late one night on the Thames embankment by the House of Commons a British prime minister approached a rent boy, almost all the rent boys there were employed by the KGB or Mossad or occasionally CIA and sometimes they would sell info to all of the aforementioned to fund their drug habits.

The sordid details of the encounter on the Thames embankment quickly ended up on the London KGB station chief’s desk but this very brave man was also working for MI6 and he quickly passed the details onto British intelligence.

That same evening a British Prime Minister got the scolding of his life for such risky behaviour.

In fact perverted sexuality seems almost a prerequisite for success in British politics.

Thus Peter Mandelson’s French Hospital records are alleged to contain details of injuries caused by small furry animals used in homosexual sex acts; according to Cherie Blair he is one of the most profoundly corrupt figures in politics and coming from Tony Blair’s wife that is saying something.

Sir Anthony Blunt was a big instigator of these homosexual parties at the highest levels and many young boys who went missing over the years were murdered at his bequest. It was his way of tidying up and making sure potentially dangerous secrets were kept hidden.

The full extent of his crimes will probably never be known, but in contrast Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s crime, if he is guilty, look rather petty to me.

But how strange it is that a man can be a top banker one day and a suspected criminal leper the next, the wheel of fortune turns for us all and is never ending.

T Stokes London

TED HEATH : Cottaging