Monday, October 31, 2011

#Paedophile : High Level Paedophile Ring !


Also, concerning Jersey. There's a link below with regards to the three policemen who supposedly killed themselves within 4 days of each other. It's not mentioned in the article but Neil Munro was alleged to have been investigating the yachting community, following claims that children from the Jersey homes were being loaned out to wealthy yachtsmen. Richard Fuller was a member of the security team looking after Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Michael Todd's being linked to the North Wales care home abuse investigation. I wouldn't be surprised if these care home allegations are all linked. Kincora, Islington, North Wales, Jersey, Leicester etc.

I've also heard that Leon Brittan's name kept being brought up during the Jason Swift murder investigation. Jason Swift was once in a care home in Islington.

A lot of people know about what's been going on in the care homes but they just can't get to the people involved. How many children have been harmed and how many people have died trying to expose them?

Police inspector's body washed up on exclusive beachfront after he 'jumped off a ferry' | Mail Online,news,13794,440,00.htm

Fellowship of the Paedophiles