Monday, October 31, 2011

#JimmySavile : The Dark Side..

OK. So here’s something that’s being doing the rounds for years ….

“One of the rumours that Britain came to be in the EU, under such disastrous terms, was because Edward Heath was allegedly a cuprophiliac, he would regularly take boys from certain care homes away on his boat for weekends.

His sheets had to be perfectly white, clean ironed and perfumed, Heaths obsession with this made the boats name ‘Morning Cloud’ the subject of many in house jokes, nevertheless he was seriously warned 4 times by the police for hanging around public toilets, special branch had to appoint a man especially to protect him, it was Liberal party Leader Jeremy Thorpes threat to bring down Edward Heath and a big bunch of other politicians, which got him off the Norman Scott attempted murder court case. The name ‘Mr. Eddy’ was well known on Hampstead Heath and the boys home nearby in the seventies.”

“ALLEGEDLY a source spoke to one of his victims and he said about others who were present, and more important, who was supplying the children to him.

The person bringing children for him to abuse was Sir Jimmy Savile.

He was seen by the witness, victim, taking young boys onboard Heaths yacht the Morning Cloud when they were at party conference. Saville is known for supplying a number of high profile MP’s with children for them to sexually abuse.”
Make of that, what you will and JS has always denied ever visiting the Haut de la Garenne children’s home in Jersey. Why would he do that? In 2008, The Sun published a picture of him there, with a group of children, but were forced to remove it by Jimmy Savile’s laywers when they served The Sun with an injunction.

I know the picture exists. I’ve seen it …. and so have you if you’ve read this post.