Monday, September 26, 2011

#Wales : Child Abuse Tribunial Investigatiom was Flawed.

ELEVEN YEARS ago the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal produced its report, “Lost In Care”. It cleared North Wales Police of the charge that it failed to investigate child abuse at an early stage.

A decade later REBECCA says the Tribunal — which cost £14 million — missed evidence that would have challenged that vindication.

The three members of the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal — Margaret Clough, chairman Sir Ronald Waterhouse and Morris le Fleming. REBECCA says one of their key conclusions is unsafe…
Photo © Press Association
During its hearings, the Tribunal was made aware by television journalists that new allegations had come to light.

The broadcasters had interviewed a witness who claimed he’d gone to the police years before a key child abuser
was brought to book.

The Tribunal told the reporters they would be in contempt if the allegations were broadcast. The allegations were removed from a documentary about the child abuser. 

But having gagged the media, the Tribunal then failed to call the witness. His allegations were never investigated.

In the same week that the journalists were being censored, detectives from North Wales Police went to see the witness. Attempts by REBECCA to find out if this was part of a deliberate attempt to keep him away more