Monday, September 5, 2011

#voiceforchildren : Smelling a rat.

On Wednesday the 17 of August 2011 Deputy Trevor Pitman was interviewed live in the studio of the AWARD WINNING CTV. The subject of the interview was supposed to be about the Deputy's Scrutiny Sub Panel Review into the BDO/Alto audit Report of the expenditure during the "Historic" Child Abuse Enquiry.

However the reporting by CTV has not only infuriated survivors of the Child Abuse in Jersey, and others, but has "sickened" none other than the Chief Executive Officer of Home Affairs Mr. Steven Austin Vautier. He told the Scrutiny Panel that after watching the particular broadcast on Wednesday the 17th he was "sick to the pit of his stomach" he said that parts of what CTV reported was "Tosh" and "Dribble". This is a view shared by many people concerning, not only CTV's reporting of anything to do with the Historic Child Abuse but by the entire "accredited" media in Jersey.

The interview with Deputy Trevor Pitman below will give viewers an idea of what has been said "under oath" by witnesses at some of these hearings. Just as importantly it will give viewers an idea on what the "accredited" media HAVEN'T been reporting.

Here are a few headlines that, in any functioning Democracy with a free press, could have more