Thursday, September 1, 2011

#Carennegate Affair..#Paedophiles named..

Just for the investigators investigating Carenne, a list of students molested and by whom.

David Withyman - Blackburn, Warne, Luther, Neal
Melissa King - Neal
Daniel McIntosh - Luther
Courtney Robinson - Neal
Kira Toohill - Neal
Jessica Kable - Neal
Cherie Gilmore - Baskerville, Neal
Thomas Parkes - Luther, Neal
Renee White - Neal
Claire Collins - Baskerville, Neal
Daniel Harris - Auld
Jarrod Willot - Auld
Jacob Mick - Baskerville, Neal
Joshua Ross - Baskerville, Neal
Ben Rotherham - Baskerville
Jamie Hussey - Luther, Neal
Daniel Britton - Luther
Dean Sommerville - Smith
Melissa Harris - J Russell, Baskerville
Tiffany Smith - Baskerville
Tim Duggan - Neal
Luke Housler - Luther, Neal
Kyle Edwards _ Gavin
Paul Rice - Luther, Gavin
Jack Saddler - Auld, Neal
Mitchell Casey - Neal

Who at Carenne has been investigated by CMU/CPID/EPAC for child abuse?

Ros Luther
Michael Auld
Terry Neal
Nadine Dwyer
Karina Mollenkamp
Margaret Rowe
Janelle Kemp
Melinda Gavin