Wednesday, August 10, 2011

#VoiceforChildren: Leaks to the JEP

Part three of this exclusive and in-depth interview with Jersey's Former  Deputy Chief Officer (DCO) of the States of Jersey police - raises the questions - who in the force has been feeding Jersey's only "news"paper with information that they shouldn't have been? Have the JEP ever paid Police Officers for any of this information?

The former DCO and Senior Investigating Officer of Jersey's "Historical" Child Abuse Investigation, along with others, believes these questions ought to be answered......or at least asked/investigated.

Mr. Harper claims that the three politicians, Senator's Jimmy (Potty Mouth) Perchard, Ben Shenton and Deputy Sean Power who are  calling for an investigation into the relationship of Senior Officers and the NOTW journalists are "deliberately trying to smear a hard working team of detectives on the Historical Abuse Enquiry."

He goes on to tell us "it was plainly obvious that somebody within the organisation (SOJP) did have an improper relationship with the Jersey Evening Post." Who is this person? Is it only one person? Are they still in the Police Force? Have they received financial gain for their alleged "improper relationship" with the JEP?

Again, more questions than answers, hopefully if/when this Committee of Enquiry gets off the ground, the TOR's will include investigating Jersey's "accredited" media........There are a lot of questions that will need answering.....
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