Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The #Carennegate Affair. The Great Therapy Scam !

It has been known for sometime that Carenne Support defrauded the Department of Ageing, Disabilities and Home Care with its therapy program. This fraud led to the deterioration of a number of students who DADHC had paid Carenne Support for to provide physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

This great therapy rort led to the replacement of Christine Porter as therapy co-ordinator. Christine had told DADHC that students were receiving therapy when they were not.

According to Geoff Salmon, the therapy program would be open to anyone in the area, but Carenne Support had a rule that referrals for Carenne students would take priority. Despite this, Carenne Support only offered to provide services to people in Bathurst and Oberon.

Carenne Support charged DADHC $60 per hour for therapy with a minimum of 10 hours per week to be provided for.

It is yet another example of the fraud committed by Carenne Support and it's directors.