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Co #Cork school abuse by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.

Julien Behal/PA WireTHE HSE HAS launched a Freephone helpdesk for anyone with information or concerns regarding a secondary school in Co Cork run by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.

Both the HSE and the gardaí have launched investigations into concerns raised about the Sacred Heart College in Carraig na bhFear.

The confidential helpdesk can be reached on 1800 742 800 and will operate from 6pm to 10pm today, and from 10am to 10pm daily from tomorrow.

Anyone who wants to speak to a counsellor, either by phone or in person, or who wants to get advocacy support can arrange this through the helpdesk.

The HSE says it is working with the National Counselling Service, Harbour Counselling Service, Cork Sexual Violence Centre, Connect (which provides telephone counselling for adults who experience abuse as children), One in Four and The Samaritans.

It also says that the 24-hour Helpline for Victims of Rape and Sexual Abuse can be reached on Freephone 1800 778 888.

Gardaí said this evening that anyone who has any information regarding allegations and concerns about the welfare of children who attended the Carraig na bhFear school can contact them on 01 666 3395/ 01 666 3430 between 9am and 9pm. The Garda Confidential Line is 1800 666 111.

Yesterday, the Minister for Children and the Minister for Justice welcomed the investigations and said they had been assured that “none of those against whom allegations have been made are currently engaged in any work activities which bring them into contact with children”.

Minister Frances Fitzgerald said today that another helpline to provide support and counselling for abuse survivors has been set up at the request of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. It can be reached on 1800 303 528 between 11am and 1am, from 2 – 8 September.

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#HollieGreig case EXPOSED in Scottish Sunday express !

(The following is a direct transcript from the Scottish Sunday express print edition article on Sunday 31st July, 2011)

The Lord Advocate has been urged to carry out a “thorough review” to find out why no one has been brought to justice in the case of a Down’s Syndrome woman who police say was abused as a child.

Hollie Greig, now 31, alleges she was sexually assaulted for 14 years from the age of 6, before finally telling her mother, Anne, about her ordeal in 2000.
Grampian Police did investigate but, along with the Procurator Fiscal’s office in the North East, concluded there was not enough evidence to bring a prosecution.

However, documents show that a doctor and the investigating officers “were all of the opinion that [Hollie] had been the victim of… sexual abuse in the past.”

Two years ago Hollie was paid £13,500 in criminal injuries compensation after a Grampian detective described her as a “truthful witness” and an “innocent victim”. A further police probe was launched but last year the crown office said there was not enough “credible evidence” to take action.

Now at least two English MPs have written to Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland to raise their concerns at the decision not to bring criminal proceedings.

In one letter, Andrew George, Liberal MP for St. Ives in Cornwall states: “There appears to be a lot of evidence allegations which point in one direction and indicates that this whole case deserves a thorough review”

He adds: “Many of the professionals with whom she came into contact have allegedly failed in their duties or even covered up important facts.”

Conservative MP David Ruffley, MP for Bury St. Edmunds, also wrote to express his concerns about the “appalling case”

The Scottish Sunday Express understands that Prime Minister David Cameron has even been made aware of the allegations but is satisfied that it is purely a Scottish matter.

Hollie and Anne, who now live in Shropshire, have become the focus of an extensive Internet campaign, with a number of blogs and social networking pages set up to discuss the case. Sarah Brown, the former Prime Minister’s wife, is among 3000 ‘friends’ of the ‘Hollie Demands Justice’ Facebook page.
There is furious debate on a number of allegations, including the claim that Hollie was a victim of a paedophile ring. Others believe there has been a sinister “cover up” by the authorities, including the Crown Office, Grampian Police and the Scottish Government.

Many outlandish complaints were dismissed by former police watchdog for Scotland, Jim Martin, who looked into the case in 2008.

However Mr. Martin also published a letter from a Detective Inspector in Aberdeen, which was sent to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in September 2003.

It states: The position, as far as I can determine it, is that there seems a sufficiency of evidence to accept, on the balance of probability, that [Hollie] was sexually abused.”

Criminal injuries compensation requires a lower level of proof than the courts.
Robert Green, the Greig family’s lay legal advisor, said the tragic case is a “real can of worms” and demanded a public enquiry.

A Crown Office spokesman said: “The Lord advocate has received a letter from Andrew George MP and has issued a response.”

Yesterday, Mr. George released the contents of Mr. Mulholland’s reply. In it, he states: “Very careful consideration was given to the material by Crown Council who concluded that there was insufficient admissible, credible and reliable evidence in respect of these allegations.”

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#Catholic Institute:Child deaths to be investigated by Catholic institute

Thursday, August 18, 2011

#Paedophilia in our Churches:Leaked document says child abuse compensation payouts have brought many parishes in Irish capital close to financial collapse

St Patrick's Catholic Church in Dublin
St Patrick's Catholic Church in Dublin: Many parishes in the Irish capital face bankruptcy. Photograph: Peter Morrison/AP
Reparations for child abuse victims and the recession have brought Ireland's largest Catholic diocese to the brink of bankruptcy, according to a leaked document from a group of priests.

The paper from the Council of Priests concludes that many parishes in Dublin are close to a state of financial collapse.

It cites the ongoing cost of compensation payments made to victims of clerical abuse, the death of the Celtic Tiger economic boom and falling numbers going to mass in the Irish capital.

The document, which was leaked to this week's edition of the Irish Catholic newspaper, proposes imposing a parish-based levy on Catholic families living in Dublin that would raise up to €3m (£2.6m) a year.

The priests also recommend cuts in the wages of religious orders and lay people working for the church in line with public pay cuts imposed to trim back Ireland's massive national debt.

A spokeswoman for the Dublin archdiocese has confirmed the existence of the document, saying it was aimed at addressing the economic realities facing the archdiocese. She said making no changes would have serious financial consequences.

Two years ago a damning report into clerical sex abuse found that the diocese had covered up the activities of 46 priests accused of abusing children.
It found the church placed its own reputation above the protection of children in its care.

It also said state authorities including the Garda Síochána facilitated the cover-up by allowing the Catholic church to operate outside the law.

The #Carennegate Affair: Terry Neal PAEDOPHILE...

#HDLG :The question still "remains" were children murdered at #HDLG?

Knowing that Martin Grime was told to play down his cadaver dog findings in the McCann case, to then have the same dog, same handler,  go on to Jersey WE MUST ask was Martin Grime told to play down his cadaver dogs findings at #HDLG?  Absence of evidence IS NOT evidence of absence.

#Voiceforchildren : 'Corruption' or 'Goverment as usual '

Former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM has released his most damming statement yet against our government.

Readers who have been following the shambles and out-right injustices the former Police Chief has been subjected to at the hands of our - out of control - government will not be shocked or surprised at this latest turn of events.

It appears that Mr. Graham Power QPM has received word that the Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, will be releasing the full redacted version (if that makes sense) of the Wiltshire Report some time tomorrow. In response Mr. Power QPM has issued a Press Release, re-produced (un-redacted) below..continue reading.

#Vatican releases work files on priest accused on abuse:

#Jersey stabbings:Memorial service for Jersey massacre victims

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#Jersey abuse: Carrie Modral's speech - Historic Jersey Child Abuse - This will not go away.

by Bill Maloney on Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 11:29pm

Courageous child abuse survivor Carrie Modral had hoped to make it to the UK Rally Against Child Abuse 2011. Sadly circumstances prevented her joining her 'brother' and 'sister' survivors again this year and regrettably there was no time to read her statement sent on behalf of all child abuse victims on the Island of Jersey. If Carrie could have attended this was to be the main thrust of her speech. Please share this important information and support survivors still fighting for justice in Jersey.

Historic Jersey Child Abuse

“There will be NO cover-up” – Chief Minister Frank Walker 2008


Jersey – the Island of sunshine, flowers, blue sea and sandy beaches. Also - the Island of a Child Abuse scandal and cover-up on a massive scale.

When this scandal broke, it was international news. News which did not show the ‘clean’ face of Jersey, the Government of which has only one interest, and that is keeping its’ profile unflawed as an offshore tax haven and Finance Centre. Money rules here.

Little did this very Government (Establishment) reckon with the fortitude and resolve of many ordinary people, an outspoken politician and Citizen’s Media and not least the abuse survivors, a lot of whom have still not seen justice. Little do they realize that thanks to these resolute people this story will run and run until the truth and nothing but the truth is out there in full, and into the public domain.

The longer this absolute fiasco continues and the covering-up of a cover-up continues, the deeper and deeper the hole that the Jersey States have dug themselves’ into gets almost to the point of embarrassment.

It is impossible to itemize everything that has happened from the initial investigation, the destruction of an honest politicians life and career, not to mention the contempt the abuse survivors have been treated with and the disgusting vilification and destruction of the reputations of the then Chief of Police and his Senior Investigating Officer, all of which has been challenged and pulled to pieces by very good investigative bloggers in the Island, whilst our sycophantic Government controlled media have not run any of this as ‘news’ Better for them to publish stories of cats stuck in trees and the like!

To follow is a brief summary of events, and it is indeed very brief in comparison to what information is available. However it makes very frightening reading if you follow the links given.

Rest assured – THIS WILL NOT GO AWAY!

2007 – Senator Stuart Syvret expresses concerns about the level of child protection in Jersey. The then Chief Minister accused him of damaging Jersey’s reputation by speaking to the media and asked him to resign, which Senator Syvret refused to do. He then faced and lost a vote of no confidence. As Father of the House it fell to him to give the Christmas speech. In this speech he mentioned the Child protection issues, was told it was inappropriate and had his microphone switched off, and all members left the House. Mr. Syvret has subsequently been harassed, his home illegally searched, arrested on Data Protection issues, driven to take self imposed exile in the UK and having re-stood for election last year, lost his seat in the States. He has also been unlawfully imprisoned. He is currently working on several Court cases against the States of Jersey, which, if he is not successful he will take to Strasbourg. His blog is an explosive minefield of information and he continues to fight for, and support the child abuse victims in every way.

Allegations of abuse, which were not just related to Haut de la Garenne, but other ‘care’ homes included battering, rape and sodomy, stabbings or being cut with knives, burning with cigarettes and in one instance that we are aware of, being branded with a metal object that had been held on a hot stove, physical and mental abuse etc. The list goes on.

2007 – In November the Police decided to go public with the fact that they were investigating alleged child abuse matters, not only connected with Haut de la Garenne, but other homes run by the States of Jersey, a ‘well connected’ school, the Jersey Sea Cadets and others. The Police Chief at the time was Mr. Graham Power and the senior investigating officer Mr. Lenny Harper, both experienced and respected Police Officers, and who subsequently proved to be a trusted and vital source for abuse survivors to re-live their stories when they had not been listened to before. When this became public it became international news, and the media descended upon Jersey. News stories were put out in various forms, but unfortunately not always with the correct facts. Sadly the main culprits were our local media The Jersey Evening Post, Channel Television and BBC Radio Jersey. Indeed it is still the case with the JEP that they continue to churn out one sided stories, factually incorrect and with no investigative journalism involved at all. However, we are fortunate in that we have excellent bloggers here, the main ones being Voice for Children and Rico Sorda Blogspot who have, and continue to unravel, investigate and make a mockery of everything that has happened since 2007 regarding this scandal. As a result of the scandal breaking and victims being able to come out into the open the Jersey Careleavers Association was formed, and organised marches and public meetings, and continues to assist survivors of abuse who have been in care.

2008 – Lenny Harper (SIO) resigned and the new SIO Superintendent Michael Gradwell and replacement Deputy Chief David Warcup arrived in Jersey and totally misrepresented all that had been said before, and in effect rubbished the work done by the previous incumbents, and in one fell swoop undid all the good work in gaining the trust of the abuse victims. This was met most unfavorably by a lot of people who felt that they had been brought to the Island with an ulterior motive. From that day onwards the whole enquiry descended into a downwards spiral. On Wednesday 12th November Police Chief Graham Power, was suspended, allegedly over his handling of the Child Abuse scandal. Notes taken at this suspension meeting by the then Chief Executive were afterwards ‘destroyed’. Shortly afterwards the Wiltshire Report was commissioned to look into the matters of the suspension, was part published in redacted form in July 2010. A report by BDO Alto into the expenses incurred by Lenny Harper, and was never interviewed as part of this process, was also commissioned. This report cost the Jersey taxpayer £64,000 to audit less than £7,000 of expenses!! You can find more information on the BDO Alto report backed up with evidence on Rico Sorda blogspot.

2009 – Police Chief Graham Power remained suspended and contested his suspension. DI Gradwell retired in August 2009 after having done a ‘good job’ destroying the confidence and expectations of many abuse survivors who to this day have not seen any justice. Several States Members became more vocal and challenging of the Home Affairs Minister who was unable/unwilling to answer very pertinent questions regarding the whole suspension issue. This had all the signs of a cover-up of a cover-up.

2010 – In January 2010 Graham Power gave six months resignation notice, and indeed retired with his reputation intact having faced no disciplinary charges. Thanks to the determination of one States Member Deputy Bob Hill an Inquiry into this suspension was called for a passed by the States. This would be The Napier Report which, when it finally was presented had one of the Terms of Reference omitted which Deputy Hill had not been notified had been removed. Obviously being a serious matter, questions were asked of the Chief Minister, who gave the reason that it had been omitted because of an ‘administrative error’. The Acting Deputy Police Chief David Warcup who had been expected to take up the role of Chief of Police declined the post in view of unwelcome comments and insinuations from the ‘unaccredited media’ and politicians.

It should also be noted that forensic evidence somehow did a disappearing act when Messrs Gradwell and Warcup appeared on the scene. Fresh and fleshed charred children’s bones were found at Haut de la Garenne, a large granite bath in the cellars where children were allegedly abused has been removed and is…………..?? Nobody knows. Our Home Affairs Minister made two statements in the States which were both so ludicrous people wondered if they had heard right. Firstly, he stated that the cellars were not cellars but ‘voids’. This was disproved by Deputy Bob Hill, an ex police officer with the Met, who with others visited the building and entered what indeed WERE cellars. The second laughable statement was regarding some 65 children’s milk teeth some with roots still attached found under the floorboards at Haut de la Garenne. Asked on a radio programme how they could possibly have got there (all in one place), he said they could have dropped through a gap in the floorboards! Yes, this is the calibre of our politicians and this has ever since been known as the Tooth Fairy story. Another nonsense is the ‘coconut story’. What was believed to be a piece of child’s skull was recovered and subsequently found to contain collagen (only found in mammals) This then found its way to Kew Gardens for forensics, and then just happened to change size, colour and shape and somehow ended up being a piece of coconut. To get answers from Kew Gardens or find out where this bone/coconut is has proved to be impossible thus far. Former Senator Stuart Syvret put to Messrs Gradwell And Warcup 37 questions concerning the forensics found at Haute de la Garanne to which he has still not had a reply. You can find these questions on Stuart Syvret’s blogspot “37 questions to Warcup and Gradwell 13th November 2008” which makes for very interesting and quite alarming reading! Lenny Harper has recently been quoted as saying "at the very least parts of children's bodies were buried there (HDLG) illegally.” The full interview can be found on Voice for Children blogspot May 2011.

2011 – A weak and insincere apology was issued by the Chief Minister, and we were informed that the Abuse Enquiry was closed. However questions still rage on the latest scandal being the BDO Alto report into expenses by the original investigation team (under £7,000), which cost £64,000 and which failed to interview the very person they were trying to discredit! Furthermore BDO Alto had been given sight of a document which was confidential and only to be used over the suspension issue i.e. The Wiltshire Report. At this moment in time it is unclear how this report was allowed it to be seen by BDO Alto, but due to some very good investigative work by the Rico Sorda Blogspot it seems it will not be too long before we find out. Of course there are grave Data Protection issues here. The States also announced that there would be no promised Commission of Inquiry into the child abuse scandal. Of course this was met with a lot of displeasure and thanks to a States Senator Francis Le Gresley and Deputies Bob Hill and Montfort Tadier, a proposition was brought to the States and the Inquiry should now be going ahead.

This is just a most brief history of what has, and still is happening in Jersey, but to read in depth makes damning reading. Indeed it beggars belief.

All this to cover up a child abuse scandal. It really does make you wonder why and who is being protected? It may take a long time, but we will find out.



Senator Stuart Syvret

Graham Powers Affidavit (Letter from exile 10 - 11.2.2010)

Rico Sorda Blog

Lenny Harpers Affidavit (Blog 17.10.2010)

Voice for Children Blog

Wiltshire Report (Reports)
Napier Report (Reports)
BDO Alto Report (Reports)

Please read the above and visit the blogs listed which are full of the most damning facts backed up with hard evidence and which are well worth reading. They tell a story of a massive cover-up, complete and utter ineptitude by our most senior politicians and their ‘foot –stamping lackeys’ as they are now called, who cannot comprehend such dreadful deeds happening here.

Please make this information available to anyone and everybody you know, whether it be your next door neighbour, your local politician, your friends and family and especially those concerned with child abuse. This story needs to be spread far and wide in the hope that it will be a wake-up call for our Government (but it won’t), and that for those who suffered this abuse they will see some form of justice through the Committee of Inquiry, and for all others in care that this can never be allowed to happen again.


Thank You


The PEDOPHACRACY.. it could'nt happen here..could it ?

"Paedophiles can boldly and courageously affirm what they choose ... I am also a theologian and as a theologian, I believe it is God's will that there be closeness and intimacy, unity of flesh, between people ... paedophiles can make the assertion that the pursuit of intimacy and love is what they choose.

With boldness, they can say, 'I believe this is in fact part of God's will.'"

Ralph Underwager, 'expert' witness for the defense in scores of child abuse cases and former vocal member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, in an interview in Paidika (a pro-pedophilia publication), conducted in June 1991 ....continue reading

The #Carennegate Affair. The Great Therapy Scam !

It has been known for sometime that Carenne Support defrauded the Department of Ageing, Disabilities and Home Care with its therapy program. This fraud led to the deterioration of a number of students who DADHC had paid Carenne Support for to provide physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

This great therapy rort led to the replacement of Christine Porter as therapy co-ordinator. Christine had told DADHC that students were receiving therapy when they were not.

According to Geoff Salmon, the therapy program would be open to anyone in the area, but Carenne Support had a rule that referrals for Carenne students would take priority. Despite this, Carenne Support only offered to provide services to people in Bathurst and Oberon.

Carenne Support charged DADHC $60 per hour for therapy with a minimum of 10 hours per week to be provided for.

It is yet another example of the fraud committed by Carenne Support and it's directors.

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Just when you think you have seen everything: Paedophiles in Ireland are sick of being treated like gays !

Paedophile Jerry Hanley Protesting
HUNDREDS of convicted paedophiles marched to the gates of the Dail today to voice their concern over being treated like members of the gay community, following recent revelations concerning David Norris's ex-partner Ezra Nawi.

Paedophilia rights campaigner, Fr. Patrick Clone and five time sex offender and chairman of the PRA, Jerry Hanley, arrived on the gates of Leinster House at 1pm.

During his vigil, Fr. Clone expressed his support for the hundreds of kiddy fiddlers who attended the march, and blessed them with holy water. The priest complimented them on their bravery and thanked the senior members of the Paedo Ring Association (PRA) for organising the protest.

"It is great to see so many familiar faces. Some of whom I know personally, and some I only know through various email addresses and file sharing web-sites. I would just like to thank you all for coming. Excuse the pun. *laughs*

We have come here today, to clear our names. For we are one of the same, and not what the press and media make us out to be. We are neither gay or lesbian, nor shall we ever even look at a child above the age of 13.

"The recent revelations of one Ezra Nawi has shamed our kind. We shall not be painted with the same brush as him.

"We will continue to strive and love young children, no matter what skin colour, race or financial background.

"As Jesus said: 'Suffer the little children'. Let us pray.

Fr. Clone recited a decade of the rosary while the crowd kneeled and prayed before dispersing peacefully.

However, one protester, Sean O'Toole, briefly chained himself to the Dail gates with a manikin doll of a child, but gardai quickly cut through the chain with a bolt cutter and arrested the him for stupidity.

He was escorted to Pearse Street garda station but was later released without charge. A file on the incident is being prepared for the DPP.

"We're sick of being put on the same pedestal as gays in this country. Its 2011 for Christ sake. Its time to move on from that crap." Mr. O'Toole told WWN. "The people and press need to know we are not gays."

The Paedo Ring Association condemned the classification of Ezra Nawi as a paedophile.

A senior spokesman for the group concluded: "Fifteen years of age!! People can't be serious. That's ancient in paedo years. To call Ezra Nawi a paedophile is a huge insult to our community."

The #Cloyne report: A priests defence.

#Paedophiles: Child abuse in Hollywood..

Stand By Me (1986) River Phoenix, Wil Wheaton, Corey Feldman (Directed by Rob Reiner)
Former child star Corey Feldman says Hollywood's biggest problem is child abuse.

Corey Feldman blames the death of Corey Haim on a pedophile / Corey Feldman Talks Hollywood Pedophiles

Corey Haim 1971-2010
Corey Feldman claims that his Lost Boys co-star Corey Haim was the victim of a Hollywood mogul, who abuses children.

Corey Feldman says he was 'literally surrounded' by paedophiles at the age of 14."

Corey Feldman starred in The Goonies (director Richard Donner, producer Steven Spielberg), Stand By Me (Director Rob Reiner, producer Stephen Spielberg) more

#Australia child abuse. The #Carennegate affair...

#Jersey stabbings:First images of the family stabbed to death in St.Helier over the week-end

  • Police wait to question Damian Rzeszowska, 30, at hospital in St Helier
  • Suspect allegedly stabbed his wife Izabela, daughter Kinga and Kacper
  • Family friend describes them as 'almost the perfect family'
  • Suspected killer 'suicidal over marriage breakdown'
  • Neighbours 'fought off mumbling killer with traffic cone'
  • Six-year-old girl and 18-month-old boy among the dead
  • Attack happened in one of the 'safest places in the western world'
These are the first pictures of the man who allegedly killed four members of his family and two others during a knife attack in St Helier.

Damian Rzeszowska is pictured posing with his daughter Kinga and son Kacper in a series of images that appear to show a happy family.

He is also pictured alongside his wife Izabela, who also died in yesterday's attack.

It was revealed earlier today that the suspected knifeman had been suicidal over the breakdown of his marriage to Izabela before the killings, according to neighbours.
Detectives are waiting to question the 30-year-old suspect in hospital over the murders of his wife, the two children and her father.

A family friend and her young child were also understood to be among the victims of the horror attack which has rocked the island.

Victims: Izabela Rzeszowska, top left, the couple's two children daughter Kinga and son Kacper, alongside Damian Rzeszowska, who has been arrested in connection with the alleged murder
Victims: Izabela Rzeszowska, top left, the couple's two children daughter Kinga and son Kacper, alongside Damian Rzeszowska, who has been arrested in connection with the alleged murder

Damian Rzeszowska with his Kacper
Damian Rzeszowska holds his daughter Kinga
Damian Rzeszowska holds his son Kacper and daughter Kinga
Sleeping beauties: Kacper and Kinga Rzeszowska sleep soundly at the home in Jersey
Sleeping beauties: Kacper and Kinga Rzeszowska sleep soundly at the home in Jersey
Speaking tonight, a friend of Rzeszowski described him, his wife and two children as 'almost the perfect family'.
Source: Jersey Evening

Marlena, 27, said they had not seen the family since last September but had always been touched by how happy they were.

Mrs Bartus said: 'They were a lovely family, lovely kids. They were almost the perfect family.

'The children loved playing with their Mega Bloks and he used to push them in a trailer. The way we had seen him, he was a really good father.

'We spent two hours with them, it was a lovely atmosphere.'

Mr Bartus said: 'It is so sad, this is something that should not happen. There are lots of questions that need to be answered. It's such a tragedy. I can't understand why the kids were involved. This is not about them, they are innocent.'
Damian Rzeszowska and his wife sit together in a park. Neighbours claimed today the breakdown of their marriage led to the alleged stabbings
Damian Rzeszowska and his wife sit together in a park. Neighbours claimed today the breakdown of their marriage led to the alleged stabbings
This green tarpaulin covers an area at the back of the flat, where some of the victims' bodies were reportedly found
The victims of the crazed stabbing were living in the ground floor flat
A green tarpaulin covered an area at the rear of the victims' ground floor flat today, with some of the bodies reportedly found in the area
Earlier today, other friends told how they fended off the 'mumbling' attacker with a traffic cone before he turned his knife on himself.

The attack spilled from a flat and into the street yesterday afternoon in an area described by a detective as 'one of the safest places in the western world'.
One local, who did not want to be named, said the suspect had apparently been rowing with his wife recently and had allegedly tried to take an overdose last month.

Another resident in the same block of flats in St Helier claimed he saw a man chasing a woman with a knife before then stabbing himself in the chest.

Bryan Ogesa, 24, said he and his two friends used a traffic cone to try to defend themselves as the man then came towards them. As he ran away he saw the body of another man lying in the doorway of the flat with a knife sticking out of his back.
Sealed off: The scene in St Helier where six people from two families were stabbed to death yesterday, including three children
Sealed off: The scene in St Helier where six people from two families were stabbed to death yesterday, including three children

Tragic: A young boy lays flowers in St Helier, Jersey after six people including a six-year-old girl and 18-month-old boy were killed
Tragic: A young boy lays flowers in St Helier, Jersey after six people including a six-year-old girl and 18-month-old boy were killed
Mr Ogesa, who ran outside after hearing screaming, said: 'A man was chasing a woman with a knife, it was quite long.'
He said he had first seen another woman lying on the ground and had gone to help her as he thought she had simply fallen over.
'She was responsive, but just mumbling,' he said. 'That's when the guy started coming towards us. He was mumbling as well.'
Another man, who would give only his first name of John, said he had been in his garden nearby and ran to the scene after hearing a woman scream.
'She shouted "please help me, please God help me",' he said.
Tributes: Police collect flowers left at the flat in St Helier, Jersey where a knifeman attacked two families leaving six dead
Tributes: Police collect flowers left at the flat in St Helier, Jersey where a knifeman attacked two families leaving six dead
Scene: The stabbings took place at a flat in Victoria Crescent in St Helier at around 3pm yesterday afternoon
Scene: The stabbings took place at a flat in Victoria Crescent in St Helier at around 3pm yesterday afternoon
Mike Bowron, chief officer for Jersey Police, called for local communities to remain 'dignified and calm' as he said all the victims, who have not been named, were from Poland and four were from the same family.


St Helier is the capital of the Jersey islands and is popular for tourists and financiers.

It has a low rate of income tax - 20 per cent - shifting its traditional industries of agriculture, fishing and knitwear to be all but sidelined.
It is home to 45 banks and 33,000 registered companies.

In 2008, the island became the focus of one of the largest child abuse investigations ever conducted in the British Isles.

It was launched after more than 100 former residents of the Haut de la Garenne care home came forward to report historic abuse by members of staff.

Police excavated a number of sites at the former Victorian school and orphanage, dubbed by the media as the 'house of horrors', discovering a network of secret underground chambers where victims alleged they were abused.

The multimillion-pound investigation led to a handful of convictions including those of former house parents Morag and Anthony Jordan who were jailed in June for assaulting child residents and former carer Gordon Wateridge who was jailed for a string of sex attacks during the 1970s.

Crime in Jersey reached a 10-year low earlier this year.

Just under 1,600 crimes were recorded in the first five months of 2011, an 11 per cent drop compared to the same period last year and nearly a third less than in 2004, according to The States of Jersey Police.

The force currently employs 236 police officers and about 90 civilian staff.
'Jersey is an incredibly safe place, one of the safest in the western world, and incidents of this nature are exceptionally rare,' he said in a statement.

'It makes such a tragedy even more difficult for people to come to terms with, and no-one could fail to be affected by the events that unfolded here yesterday.

'Inevitably, perhaps, such an incident will raise tensions locally and I would appeal to everyone to remain calm and dignified and allow my officers to continue with what is a complex, demanding and difficult investigation.'

The victims include a six-year-old girl and an 18-month-old boy - and were all of Polish descent, the country's embassy in London said.

The other two to die were a mother and daughter. The alleged killer is also Polish and related to four of the victims, Jersey Police said today.

After having life-saving surgery, a 30-year-old man was arrested in hospital on suspicion of murder. He had apparently tried to kill himself.

Inquiries were continuing to establish a motive but it is understood no-one else was being sought over the attacks.

Neighbours said the families lived together in a large, rented Victorian flat in St Helier, the Channel island’s capital.

Jersey Hospital’s emergency department, which is a five-minute drive away, was temporarily closed to other patients as doctors dealt with the victims.

Jersey's Chief Minister, Senator Terry Le Sueur, said: 'I was deeply saddened and shocked by yesterday's tragic events and I would like to extend my sincerest condolences to the friends and relatives of those involved.

'This is now a police inquiry and we fully support States of Jersey Police officers as they carry out their investigations.

Eye-witnesses saw bodies being brought out of the house that were clearly those of children
Eye-witnesses saw bodies being brought out of the house that were clearly those of children
A forensics officer attends the scene in Victoria Crescent, St Helier, Jersey
An armed police officer stands outside the address
Investigation: A forensic officer walks close to the scene, while armed police stood guard following the killings

A crowd gathered outside the address in St Helier as the police investigation into what happened got underway
A crowd gathered outside the address in St Helier as the police investigation into what happened got underway
Police say a violent attack like this in quiet Jersey is extremely rare, especially when it happened in such a secluded place like Victoria Crescent, St Helier
Police say a violent attack like this in quiet Jersey is extremely rare, especially when it happened in such a secluded place like Victoria Crescent, St Helier

'I have every confidence in the ability and professionalism of our police force in handling this investigation. We must now avoid speculation and allow them to continue with this important work.
PA graphic on stabbings in Jersey
'Jersey is a very safe place and events of this terrible nature are very rare. This has greatly shocked the island's community. Many will need support and counselling in the days ahead and we will ensure this is provided.

'I would like to thank emergency services and especially paramedics and hospital staff for their tireless work yesterday.

'I would also like to thank the parish of St Helier for opening the town hall to help the community at this tragic time.

'It reinforces the importance of the parish at the centre of island life and the strength of our community.'

Last night police were interviewing several witnesses and attempting to trace other relatives to help identify the victims.

Forensic officers were examining the scene, a vehicle had been covered outside and the street remained sealed off.

The attack took place in a secluded street which lies some way from a main road and which is made up of a row of three-storey Victorian properties.

Mr Gull, who is leading the inquiry, moved to Jersey four months ago after retiring from Suffolk Police.

He was the public face of the investigation that led to the capture of Ipswich serial killer Steve Wright.

Awarded the Queen’s Police Medal in 2009, he is one of the UK’s most experienced officers in investigating murders and other violent crimes.

#JerseyStabbings: friend describes the family as warm and loving...

A friend of a woman who was one of six people killed in a knife attack in Jersey has spoken of her disbelief.

Izabela Rzeszowska, her two children and her father-in-law are believed to have been among those stabbed to death in St Helier on Sunday.

A 30-year-old man, named locally as her husband Damian Rzeszowski, has been arrested and is in hospital.

Dominika Nalichowska, a friend of Mrs Rzeszowska, said the family had appeared to be "normal" and "loving".

She said: "We have known them for nearly two years because my children and their daughter used to attend the same school.

'Traumatic incident'

"I have got a picture in front of me of those two little children and I cannot believe that this has actually happened.

"I still believe I will see them in the street, that I will see those children at school playing with my daughter."

The other two people killed are believed to be another woman and her child who were visiting Mrs Rzeszowska.

The arrested man, who had emergency surgery following the attack, remains in a stable condition and is under police guard at Jersey's General Hospital.

Det Supt Stewart Gull, from Jersey Police, said the arrested man had remained heavily sedated and officers had not yet been able to question him.

A helpline has been set up for islanders in Jersey who feel they need support following the stabbings on Sunday.

The Health and Social Services department are working with the Samaritans to offer advice.

Dr Jake Bowley, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, said: "After a traumatic incident in the community such as this, it is quite a normal reaction that some islanders may feel very upset about what has happened, and we want people to know that if they need advice and support then it is available.

"If you have any serious concerns about how you or someone close to you is being affected by what has happened, please call the helpline, where we can provide free and confidential advice."

More than 6,000 people have joined a tribute page on Facebook to the victims of the attack.

A book of condolence has also been opened at Jersey's Town Hall.

Monday, August 15, 2011

#WarrenJeffs :What is child rape? Learn about child rape and child sexual abuse in the Warren Jeffs trial

#Jersey stabbing : 'My mother adored the children' said one shocked neighbor.

Donate a tweet and help STOP child abuse.

#Jersey victims #Poland :Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that all the victims of yesterdays stabbings were Polish.

#Jersey stabbings: Jersey #Police are holding a press conference at 11:00 on the stabbings on Sunday. Listen live on BBC Radio Jersey

#Jersey: Martin Grime was told to play down the dogs findings in the McCann case SO what does that tell you about a childs partial skull found in Jersey which turned into a coconut ?

Just to elucidate the Martin Grime aspect and the Specialist dogs, Eddie & Keela. When the PJ files were first published and issued to some Journalists in 2008, Grimes was interviewed, "off the record" by a small number of journo's including a good friend and colleague of mine who was , at the time, a sub-editor of a National Sunday newspaper.

Grimes made it very clear that he was unhappy with what he referred to as his "treatment" by authorities unknown, (although he did say they were British), who had coerced him, he says, to "play down" the significance of the dogs' findings. Grimes let it be known that Eddies and Keelas 'scentings' were irrefutable, in his mind, having worked with the dogs successfully on very many cases for the many of the Constabularies in the UK on high profile cases.

Grimes stated that he was "instructed" to ensure that in his subsequently produced report, he was to emphasise that the dog's findings were inadmissable as evidence, (which is of course, true, but he had NEVER been instructed on any other case to point this out), and that they were effectively inconsequential without further corroborative evidence.

Birmingham FSS initially suggested in their reports that recovered material, as indicated in spots by the dogs, DID appear to have significant 'markers', consistent with Madeleine's profile. Of course, that initial report, (like so many initial reports in this case), was subsequently CHANGED!

But that's ANOTHER story for another day....... · Reply
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For the record, SPUDGUN is a well respected Journalist and film maker.


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#Jersey stabbing #BBC radio LIVE...

#Jersey stabbing : #StHelier : Two children among the dead

A sixth person has died in hospital following a knife attack on Jersey.

The woman was left critically ill following reports five people had died in a multiple stabbing at a flat at Victoria Crescent, Upper Midvale Road, St Helier, just after 3pm.

She has since died at Jersey Hospital, a States of Jersey Police spokeswoman said.

The victims are two women, two men and two young children who are believed to be Jersey residents but whose identities have not been disclosed.

A 30-year-old man is under arrest at Jersey Hospital where he is recovering from surgery, police added.

Police urged anyone with information to contact them on 01534 612612.