Friday, July 29, 2011

James #Murdoch paid £100,000 to meet Pope

Rupert Murdoch is not a Catholic , he holds a Papal Knighthood and yet until the hacking scandal erupted ONLY then was this disclosed by journalists. Rupert gave orders  this title was not to be reported in his British newspapers ? Murdoch and his obssession with paedophiles, Brooks tracking them down even hacking into their phones when they were not paedophiles at all.

The noise when the Murdochs paid a huge sum toward the Papal visit to England AND yet in all of those articles not one word about Murdochs Papal Knighthood, WHY did he want this title kept secret ?

Snippet from Article

The Catholic Church has been criticised for accepting a six-figure donation from James Murdoch ahead of him being given a personal audience with Pope Benedict during last year's papal visit. Mr Murdoch was among major donors who were invited to personally greet Pope Benedict after a special mass at Westminster Cathedral during the pontiff's visit last September. It is believed that the Murdoch family paid a contribution towards the Papal visit of around £100,000.

The continuing scandal over phone hacking has placed religious institutions in a moral quandary. There have already been calls for the Church of England to divest its £3.8m shares in News Corp, a request which church leaders have so far resisted.