Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jersey's Anthem.... by Voice for the Children

On the Matthew Price show this morning (BBC Radio Jersey) Matthew was encouraging listeners to get in contact with the show to offer their suggestions of what should be "The Jersey Anthem."

Accordingly I sent in an e-mail (below) with my suggestion, but for some reason, Matthew chose not to read it out or play the song that I had suggested.

I have sent Matthew a further e-mail accepting there could be a perfectly legitimate reason as to why the song or e-mail were not aired and asked him for the reason(s) so as they could be considered for publication on here as a right of reply..........he's not replied yet but hopefully will.

This is just a short posting that, in my opinion, shouldn't even be necessary. But I believe our Children deserve a voice and the subject of Child Abuse should be tackled head on.

If the BBC, or any mainstream media, aren't going to do it, then what chance have our children got?