Monday, May 16, 2011

What is a cellular memory

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“police trawling” in historic child abuse cases.

I have been blogging about a group of journalists who have been going round all the “historic” child abuse cases and discrediting them, Bob Woffingden (who used to work for the New Musical Express) was one of them, and I notice he is in the Mail Online furiously backpeddling on his previous articles that Jeremy Bamber was innocent of murder.

Woffingden, David Rose and Richard Webster all met David Cameron in a select committee meeting to try to stop what they called “police trawling” in historic child abuse cases.

Webster belongs to an organisation called the British False Memory Society which was founded by an American paedophile called Ralph Underwager.

Perhaps David Cameron really has started to understand what has been going on, and has genuine reasons for wanting the Madelaine McCann case reopened?

 Perhaps I am an old fool for thinking this, but he is a human being as well as a politician!

This gets ever more complicated…

Perhaps a wall chart showing all the players involved with some lines drawn between those where a connection/relationship is known to exist might help to understand it all and where the drivers are.

One obvious explanation for Puzzle One is that NewsCorp were buying off the McCanns/Mitchell after Mitchell claimed their phones had been hacked. The book deal would be a win-win for both sides.

It might also explain why Mitchell began working for Freud Comms.

In fact, all of the sweets handed to Mitchell by NewsCorp may be part of this deal.

Also, Mitchell’s appointment by the Tory Party may have been intended by the Tories to put pressure on Coulson to quit since he became a liability.

Cameron could be mostly motivated by little more than good publicity for himself/Tory Party …ie helping to shed the nasty party image that New/Old Lab have saddled it with for years.

Imagine the boost he’d get if his new request of the police brought results!

And I know of no politician that will not happily spend taxpayers money for personal/Party benefit. New Lab spent £billions doing it for 13yrs, and that is one reason why I have always claimed that corruption in British politics is institutionalised.

It seems odd to me (actually it doesn’t) that Mitchell was working for the last New Lab govt and now we hear he wants to be a Tory Party candidate, thereby demonstrating political interchangeability.