Thursday, February 24, 2011

Who is Sarah Hanover ? Ask Mike Tesko, and if you need a babysitter for youre children, ask Mike

Hello David,

Thank you for your email.

I'm not entirely sure what you would like to contribute, so I will respond to some of the points you made and maybe we could take it from there?
But I would ask you to keep the Mugford/Eaton matter private. This information has not been revealed and Jeremy does not wish it to be made public.

Do you want your identity to remain confidential from everyone including Jeremy and his lawyers and talk to me alone for the time being? You say you dont want to hide your identity but I would like to clairfy this just to be cautious. . . . Talking to Jeremy on the phone involves the prison authorities listening in.

If you can tell us something about the connection between Mugford and the Eatons that would be interesting but there would be a limit on how much it could help Jeremy's case. Jeremy has fully discussed his case with us but we keep key information confidential this is why it is not mentioned on our web sites. 

I am quite sure that the Eatons and Boutflour's know that 'the game is up' and the discovery by the Defence of what actually happened with the sound moderator has frightened them and that would be a good reason to move I am sure.

The Home Secretary set Jeremy's whole life tariff after the original sentencing and this is in breach of ECHR regulations they would not allow the case in their court if this was incorrect as it is NOT illegal to set whole life tariff when sentencing.

Just to note, we are not 'friends' of anyone involved in the campaign, including Jeremy and we work for him in a professional capacity he is our client and we provide consulting services for him pro bono in the pursuit of justice.

We have no involvement with Mike Tesko - I would term him as a 'crank'. I can also assure you that Jeremy feels exactly the same and has no contact with this man. We would ask you to never reveal the details we have discussed as this is information we do not want revealed.

If you think we have been misled you may be right, I dont know I was not around in Essex and did not associate with Jeremy Bamber. Nevertheless what we are interested in is  evidence or witness testimony or anything that can lead us to those.

Thanks for taking the time to write to us about the case and it is much appreciated and if you think you can provide any information which might help I would be more than willing to listen if you want to email or call me either is fine.

Kindest regards,

Sarah Hanover.