Friday, February 18, 2011

A posters opinion who claims to know the family...

I do not think i run the site, but since joining it I have been amazed at how facts are being twisted so as to support a wrong statement.

1. Shelia DID not shoot herself. Either JB shot them all, or another unknown person, there are NO other possibilities, and it makes me cross that intelligent sensible people are concocting just rubbish so as to support there crazy ideas.

2. For Kaldin and others lets set out the house and pantry/cubboard/scullery for once and for all - WHF was originally built on a 'T' classic design.  Front rooms, Front bedrooms across the front, and on the end of the "T" piece stands the kitchen, with a chimney stack on its gable end. At some point a extension was added on to that gable end, it had its own door into the yard, its own chimney stack, and its own staircase. It was originally the cowmans cottage. At some later date a door between the main house kitchen (right of the Aga) was knocked through. If you go through that door today you will enter the farm office, to the right of that room is a slim wooden staircase leading to a bathroom and 2 bedrooms.
Upstairs on the landing, a gap has been knocked through to provide access to all rooms, ie the twins room, and shelias. JB's parents room was at the front of the house, top right. Top left was a guest room, JB's room (?), opposite his was the bathroom.
The gun cabinet was in a small room (pantry) that is attached to the kitchen,

3. The theroy of Shelia shooting herself after murdering everyone else does not stand up. In any situation she would of had to disable her father first, so.......... if she did it, she would of had to go downstairs get the gun, affix silencer (screwdriver needed to turn grub screws), return upstairs shoot Mr Bamber, and then having not killed him, find herself in the kitchen where she fights him before finally killing him, then she goes upstairs, shoots her mum, her boys dead in there sleep, and now shelia gets clever - she returns downstairs, unscrews the silencer, buts it into the cabinet, goes back upstairs, props herself up, sticks her toe in around the trigger and shoots herself, then lays down, gets the bible,opens it at page Psalms 51 - ?, lays down and pops herself ?????

It did not happen, and if anyone ever asked a jury or a judge to believe that should be found guilty just for there disrespect..

Believe me people, either JB did it, or someone else, there are no other possibilities to any sane minded human being.

I actually liked the guy, and if he stopped writing to me in block capitols and using court references to every point, id write more, he knows my views, but he insists its either him or shelia, and thats why i have my doubts, as the shelia idea does not stand up