Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Police are responsible for Sheila's death, upstairs - and for failing to unload the rifle which fired the fatal bullet which killed her, and failing to make it safe...

Scenario (1)

7:37am: 7:38am: 7:42am: and 7:45am

Two bodies found downstairs, one dead male, (Ralph Bamber), one dead female, (Sheila Caffell), one murder, (Ralph), one suicide (Sheila)...


Three bodies found upstairs (June Bamber, and twins, Daniel and Nicholas Caffell)...

Scenario (2)


One body downstairs, (Ralph Bamber), and four bodies upstairs, (June, Sheila, Daniel and Nicholas) (four murders and a suicide)

The reader will please note, the displacement of a suicide victim, (Sheila Caffell) from downstairs, to upstairs, after 8:10am...
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Re: Police are responsible for Sheila's death, upstairs...
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If Sheila had been properly checked when they discovered her body downstairs in the region of the kitchen, she could have received treatment from the ambulance crews at the scene, and need not have died later upstairs in the main bedroom...

(1) two ambulances and their crews arrived at the scene at around 7am, one was sent directly to the house, whilst the other was placed on standby in Pages lane...
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