Friday, February 11, 2011

A new poster with a new theory and back to the drugs angle..Julie Mungford is also now a harlot...

This is a long story, please bar with me. between 1984 & 1987 I worked for Fletchers Relief Service. They were agricultural skilled labour suppliers. Within a week of the murders I was sent to Tolleshunt Darcy to complete the harvest at the farm and to look after cattle that were grazed on the banks of the River Blackwater at Tollesbury.
During my 4 month stay, I saw many things at the farm, I witnesssed all the furniture being stacked up and burnt; but I also became quite close to the man in charge of the cattle and grazings. he knew jeremy well, and often spoke to me about him (as jeremy was still a free person and i spoke with him on several occasions).
The stockman (he was around 70yo, as honest as the day is long & had worked with both families since the war) he told me of jeremys goings on, as he put it. he told me, (and later showed me) of the landing lights under the hedge on the grass field going down to the river estuary. He told me of often hearing a light areoplane go overhead late at night, then jeremy leaving the house in a land rover (canvas back), the landing lights being switched on and the plane coming nearer, until the lights went off, and jeremy drove back to the farm, and sometimes left the place completely in his jaguar.
He told me as soon before it happend that jeremy had had some "strange looking charectors" at the farm asking for him. He told me that jeremy owed them alot of money.

I also used to drink in tollesbury and with the same crowd as julia munford - Someone organised a pub trip to west ireland for the match-making festival near galway - julie came on that trip, and slept with at least two guys whilst i was there.
I dont know if any of this is relevant, but I knew jeremy abit, and spent time with people who knew alot more - they all said it was a drugs thing gone wrong, and that balfort would see to it that jeremy got nothing as he was adopted


I have been asked to clarify certain things i have previously written.

I now wish to say that whilst I worked at White House Farm  from 11th August 1995 for 14 weeks. My contract was to harvest the corn using the Bambers Cllass 108 combine, and feed the suckler herd that grazed on Tollesbury marsh.

With regard to the burning of furniture. I did not see the furniture being removed from the house but it was taken from the garage next to the house. The only piece of furniture removed from the house was a roll-top desk/beurea. This had been stored in the main hall that is immediatly in front of you as you walk through the front door. This was lifted onto a trailer and Robert directed me to take it to his house where it was left in a lean-to at the rear of the house.

With regard to the lights - I was only made aware of the lights as they were mounted on concrete plinths, because i was due to cut the hedges after i had finished combining and i was'nt to catch them with the hedge cutter.
The actual lights were removed at a later date, and whilst I have said the police removed the lights, I did not actually see them remove them, but they were removed at some point.
The information that "the police removed them" came from conversations I had with the man who loooked after the sheep on the marsh.

I hope this clarifys all that i have written before. I shall be making no further posts