Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More then One Silencer in possession of Essex police

According to the documentary evidence which has eventually been made available to Jeremy and his legal team, a total of four different identical looking Parker Hale silencers found their way into the possession of Essex police, in connection with this investigation:-

(1) The Pargeter silencer
(2) The Robert Woodwis Boutflour silencer
(3) The David Boutflour silencer
(4) The Bamber silencer

Documentary evidence now exists to show that these silencers each had a separate exhibit reference to one another, at various stages of the police investigation, namely, SBJ/1, WB/1, DB/1 and DRB/1...

The police presented the silencer evidence at the time of Jeremy's trial, as though there was only one silencer, and that blood from Sheila,. and paint from the aga, was found inside and upon the Bamber silencer, but this was misleading and totally wrong, because the Bamber silencer was not found in the gun cupboard at whf by David Boutflour, until 11th September 1985, and it was not fingerprinted until 13th September 1985, by DS Eastwood and DS Davidson - nor was it submitted to the Lab' to be checked for blood and fibers, until 26th September 1985, and therefore the blood and the paint from the aga which was subsequently attributed to the Bamber silencer, must have been found upon and inside one of the other silencers...