Friday, February 11, 2011

Jeremy Bamber Timeline

jeremy bamber

Aug 7, 1985: Neville and June Bamber, Sheila Caffell and twin sons David and Nicholas found dead at White House Farm. Essex police initially call case “the Caffell murder”.

Aug 10: David Boutflour finds silencer in gun cupboard after detectives finish brief examination of crime scene. Forensic experts later find it stained with blood and red paint after tests.

Aug 16: Bamber attends parents funeral walking behind the coffins holding hands with girlfriend Julie Mugford. Next night he buys champagne drinks for friends.

Sept 3: Mugford discovers Bamber has cheated on her with a friend. Four days later she tells police Bamber discussed hiring a hitman to kill family and hours before murders said: “Tonight’s the night”. Police investigated the claim and found the alleged hitman had an alibi and was entirely innocent.

Sept 8: Police arrest Bamber for murder questioning him for five days and re-designate White House Farm a crime scene.

Sept 30: Bamber re-arrested at Dover on return from holiday in France. He is charged with five murders after forensic tests match red paint on silencer to scratches on kitchen shelf.

Oct 9, 1986: Mugford tells Chelmsford Crown Court Bamber strangled rats to test his courage and plotted to drug his family and burn their house down.

Oct 17: During cross-examination prosecutor tells Bamber he is lying. Bamber replies: “That is what you have got to establish”.

Oct 24: Mr Justice Drake tells jury that one of their “key decisions” is whether or not they believe Neville Bamber did call his son or not.

Oct 28: Jury find Bamber guilty by 10-2 majority verdict after deliberating two days. One of the jurors weeps as verdict read out.

Oct 29: Home Secretary Douglas Hurd calls for report into police handling of the murders which later makes 18 recommendations.

March 20, 1989: Bamber loses first appeal made on grounds the judge unfairly summed up the case.

Dec 1994: Bamber’s minimum term of 25 years extended to a whole life tariff meaning he will die in prison. He later loses an appeal against the decision.

March 12, 2001: Criminal Cases Review Commission refers verdict back to Court of Appeal after forensic tests suggest blood in the silencer may not be from Sheila.

December 12, 2002: Three appeal judges say they have “no doubt” that Bamber is guilty adding: “The more we examined the detail of the case, the more likely we thought it to be that the jury were right”.

May 30, 2004: Bamber taken to hospital after another prisoner in HMP Full Sutton slashes his throat.

February 20, 2010: Former police photographic expert Peter Sutherst raises doubts about the scratches on underside of kitchen shelf.

August 5, 2010: Mirror reveals a previously unseen telephone log which suggests Nevill Bamber did call police on night of murders.

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