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The Diary

Page 5.

Robert started to talk about a man called Brett Collins. Brett apparently met Jeremy in New Zealand in 1983 or 1984 and later came to the UK.

Roberts noted that the funeral of the twins occurred on 19th August.

On Tuesday 20th August Robert said he got the impression that the Drugs Squad had been to Jeremy's house on 16th August (the day of the funeral) to investigate a supply of drugs. He noted that the Drug Squad had been at the funeral too. Robert seems to have got this information from someone called Barlow at Witham police station.

On 25th August Robert said he'd heard Neville had been reduced to tears by Jeremy but that seems to be hearsay.

He also wrote to Neville's cousin, Chris Nevill, and asked if Brett Collins could be investigated. What's with his obsession with Brett?

On Monday 26th August Robert went to the farm again and inspected the windows.

More stuff about Brett Collins and his "riches". Who is "Jim"?

More stuff about "gay" friends in Hong Kong or Singapore - they were BOAC stewards.
Robert claimed that Jeremy demanded more and more money from June when he was in New Zealand.

On 27th August Robert went to Witham police station again and asked about Brett Collins. Turned out Brett had been in the UK for a while and had no criminal record.

Robert noted that he was told the silencer had blood on it, and that Jeremy was selling cars and removing treasures from the farm.


Some very interesting stuff on page 6.

38th August - Jeremy told a shopkeeper he was going on holiday to Spain on 6th September. Robert phoned Barlow and told him that, and also told him about his wet suit theory.

On 29th August Robert rang Witham police station again and and told them about his theory that a tampon had been used to clean the silencer. Barlow wasn't there.

Robert said Jeremy was loading stuff up from the farm to take it to Sotherby's. That does seem a little premature.

Some more gossip about whether Jeremy had done it.

on 30th August Jeremy and Brett had been to London to Sotherby's and called at "Vaulty"? at 8.15 am.

Robert checked that Jeremy had been in NZ between July 1983 and October 1983.

Robert went to the farm and Brett was there - he seemed very interested in Brett and got his life history out of him.

Some stuff about buying a fork.

At 4.30 Robert went to Witham police station and told them his theory about the bicycle. He found out that there was no evidence of drug-induced psychosis, and he mentioned the phone calls. This is interesting because Robert claims that Jeremy said he called the police before he called Julie at 3.15.

Some interesting stuff about the call to the police. Robert thought that Jeremy had called Witham first and got no reply. That wasn't mentioned before. Robert said Witham was usually closed from 2 till 6 but there was an officer there between 3 and 4 the night of the murders. He claimed that Chelmsford contacted this officer at Witham at around 3.55 (that doesn't tally with the police log - it was earlier than that). 
He also said that Jeremy's call to Chelmsford was at least half an hour after 3.15 and that police records show that. That's not true is it?

Freddie apparently said that Sheila had no co-ordination.

Robert remarked that all the detectives at Witham now think that Jeremy is guilty - on 30th August.
On 31st August Robert agrees with "Jim" to hire an PI in NZ to investigate Brett Collins. He then went to see Jeremy at Goldhanger and saw Brett again but Jeremy was out.

He said that At 5 pm Brett and Jeremy called at "Vaulty" for petrol on their way to London. 


For some reason he though that building a case against Jeremy would be strengthened by saying/speculating that his friends were gay, as if he was keeping bad company. Says a lot about the author

Yes - he does seem rather interested in whether Jeremy had gay friends or not.


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Page 7.

On 7th September Robert says "Jacky" told Ann that Neville had loaned Jeremy £2,000 to go to New Zealand and that Jeremy didn't pay it back, and that Jeremy had loaned the friend the money. Could this be the mysterious £2,000 which Julie claimed Jeremy paid to Matthew MacDonald?
On 8th September Robert said he was unable to contact anyone at Witham police station. He mentioned a spate of burglaries.

Robert examined the telescopic sights at Ann's house. I presume that's the telescopic sights that David Boutflour got from the farm on 11th August. He wondered why they had been taken off the gun.
Robert spoke to Barlow at 9.45 who told him that they were on the brink of a report to do with forensics.

On 4th September Robert had a footpath map copied. He met Jeremy loading treasures into the farm Sherpa van at the farm and spoke to him about the ashes and disposal of clothes and June's rings, which Pamela had.

Robert found out Brett was living in London and was carpet cleaning, and that Jeremy was living with friends in Colchester.

Robert said that Julie was going on holiday in a few days' time and that she would be back at university in three weeks.

Robert asked "Jim" to look out for the Sherpa van near Sheila's flat.

At 2.10 pm Robert and Ann meet Jones at Witham, who apparently didn't want to tell them much. Robert was dejected by that.

"Jim" advised Robert to write to the Chief Constable.

Robert claimed that Jeremy had got Barbara to accidently set off the alarm at the farm to see how quick "they" would react.
"Jim" reported that Jeremy was at Sheila's flat loading stuff from his car to a yellow car by Jeremy and another man with fair hair. They delivered the stuff to an antique shop. Robert gave that information to Jones, and told Jones he was going to write to the Chief Constable to get more priority for the case.

On 5th September Robert made an appointment to see the Assistant Chief Constable, Peter Simpson, and talked to him for three quarters of an hour. Peter Simpson said he would get someone to investigate the case from the start.

Robert said that "Jackie" had rung Ann to say that Brett was at Sheila's flat on Tuesday 3rd September. Didn't know where Jeremy was, but he was apparently in Colchester.