Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bonny not called..???

KILLER Jeremy Bamber's appeal took a surprise twist yesterday when his ex-girlfriend Julie Mugford was not called to give evidence.

Ms Mugford - who has always said Bamber is guilty - flew from her home in Canada expecting to take the stand at the Appeal Court.

But after legal submissions the 37-year-old mum of two, who now lives in Winnipeg, was released as a witness. She left the London hearing without commenting.

Bamber, 41, is serving life for murdering five members of his family at their home in Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Essex, in 1985.

Miss Mugford said at the time he boasted to her he was going to kill his parents to claim a pounds 500,000 inheritance inheritance, in law
inheritance, in law: see heir.
. She stood beside Bamber at the family funeral when he cried "crocodile tears". The hearing continues.

inheritance, in biology
inheritance, in biology: see heredity.


Devolution of property on an heir or heirs upon the death of its owner.