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Bamber : SPARKFILMS plugging his book...

Sparkfilms, Colchester says...
2:05pm Thu 5 Aug 10
It transpired that a figure had been seen moving in the property after the police arrived.

If true, this figure could not have been Jeremy Bamber as he was behind a hedge with police officers.

It was explained as a trick of light at the time I believe.

It was also reported that police were 'speaking' to someone in the property...after 3.45am.

If so who? Certainly not Jeremy Bamber.

Sparkfilms, Colchester says...
3:46pm Thu 5 Aug 10
What a shame that someone used the kitchen telephone to make a call after 7.30am - thus eliminating the time of the out call by Bamber senior, which was either to the police, or to Jeremy. Not to mention fingerprints.

What happened between 5.25am and 5.30am?

If the estimated time of death for Sheila Caffell was timed between 5.30am and 7.30am was it Caffell who the police were speaking to?

Were the police speaking to anyone - or possibly between themselves as firearms officers must have surrounded the property.

The vital evidence relating to the scratches created by the silencer in the kitchen appear to have been fabricated as long as a month after the murders.

Jeremy Bamber was known as a bit of a playboy with an expansive imagination about town - the jilted girlfriend J. Mugford may have planted something more sinister in the minds of some.

Sheila Caffell was a very disturbed individual. At the time of the murders the children were on the verge of being placed in care.

Looking at Shelia and Jeremy I think I would have backed her as the killer at the time - just as the police did.

This looks a really simple case to me - what on earth happened?

Could the police and prosecution really have got this all so wrong?

The thinking by some was that Jeremy Bamber went to White House Farm on his bike, shot everyone using a silencer, put the silencer in a cupboard, got back on his bike and returned home.

During this, did he pretend to be Neville Bamber while making a call to the police from White House Farm?

Did he then also invent the situation that Shelia was running around White House farm with a gun after returning home in another call to the police? It all seems very unlikely.

Stuff can get loaded in a certain direction, depending on who has written it, and why they have written it. I know people who were in touch with Jeremy Bamber at the time and thought him capable of carrying out the murders.

I really have my doubts about this case.

The fact that the ambulances were not called until around 6am tends to support the theory that Caffell was the shooter.

snoswad, colchester says...
6:29pm Thu 5 Aug 10
don't tell me the boys in blue have f**ked up again.
oh well trebles all round jeremy old boy.

Cuthbert, Alresford says...
6:58pm Thu 5 Aug 10
Bamber has a whole life term. There's no disincentive for him to constantly appeal.

I personally reckon he's guilty as hell.

Sparkfilms, Colchester says...
9:46pm Thu 5 Aug 10
With an estimated time of death for Shelia running between 5.30am and 7.30am it is interesting to note that several senior pathologists estimated her time of death as late as 7.30am.

This was based on the fact that unlike the other four bodies Ms Cafell showed no signs of rigor mortis, the blood from her wounds had not congealed and there was no skin discolouration.

Could it be that Cafell died at the moment the police entered White House Farm?

The prosecution case suggested that as Cafell had no blood on her feet she could not have commited the murders.

This is not so, years later photographic evidence came to light to show Cafell's feet had been covered in blood.

The defence never had access to certain photographic files, not to mention what would appear to be witheld information.

I bet the police wish it had been them that found the silencer and not a family member.

Sparkfilms, Colchester says...
10:52pm Thu 5 Aug 10
More on the silencer.

'Before the sound moderator was sent for forensic examination it was evident that it had been tampered with, probably by a family member, and there were signs that particles of blood had been removed with a razor blade'.

White House Farm

'All doors and windows had been secured from the inside, the killer never left the building alive'

This was the official line during the first 24 hours.

Then some weeks later.

'There was the possibilty that the killer could have escaped through a kitchen window'

Killer leaving through a kitchen window? I don't see that myself.

Please excuse me from dominating this thread, crime interests me and I have just finished writing a book 'Ipswich Zero 6' about the Suffolk Serial Murders.

Cuthbert, Alresford says...
5:30am Fri 6 Aug 10
The trouble is ( and the cause of all this controversy years later ) is that the Police messed up the original investigation.

With such a major and high profile case, this was criminal ( pardon the pun ) I'd have hoped that the senior investigating officer was disciplined for it, but I doubt it.

In my opinion, and from what I've been told by someone who knew the guy, Bamber was obnoxious and extremely arrogant. I can well imagine him leaving the crime scene by a window, if he thought it would help cover his tracks.

nanna in the chair, colchester says...
12:03pm Fri 6 Aug 10
Jeremy Bamber is guilty as hell, he shot all of them in order of inheiritance, he has nothing better to do sitting there in prison than to try to find a loophole that may get him the money.. let alone a big payout from the state if he can find a loophole, YOU DID IT BAMBER, YOU KNOW YOU DID bring back hanging stop wasting money on murdering sickos.

SAndrewss, Colchester says...
5:10pm Fri 6 Aug 10
The guy is as guilty as hell. To add to that, why, when he is supposed to be in prison with his freedom removed as part of his punishment is he allowed to have access to the outside world via the internet? Why is he allowed to have a facebook account with hundreds of sicko fans; why is he allowed to create his own website; why is he allowed to publish a book? Why is he allowed to continue to terrorise and harass the remaining members of his own adopted family?

There's something very, very, wrong here!

Sparkfilms, Colchester says...
6:29pm Fri 6 Aug 10
I think it is fair to say, that for the first time in 25 years the media tide and public awareness is turning in favour of Jeremy Bamber.

There can be no question that the case was flawed.

The release of the telephone call log made by Neville Bamber to the police which is finally in the public domain could have a domino effect.

I'm not sure where The Gazette are on this but I understand The EADT are interviewing people at the moment and things have hotted up this afternoon.

Boris, Colchester says...
7:46pm Fri 6 Aug 10
Sparkfilms, you are a decent person. Do you really support Jeremy Bamber, or is it just your professional interest as a writer of murder mysteries?
Otherwise I am staggered that anyone is interested in defending this vile man.

Sparkfilms, Colchester says...
9:15pm Fri 6 Aug 10
Hello Boris, my postings on this subject come mainly from my interest in the case.

Some months ago I was in touch with some people at the core of the appeals - including Mr Lomax, the author at the heart of Bamber's defence.

At that time I checked through information at the FSS relating to the blood readings on the silencer, all I can say is that after reading through a number of documents the findings seemed to be inconclusive, although it was interesting to learn that two types of animal blood were identified.

I am not a supporter of Jeremy Bamber as such, but I am 100% interested in justice, and my postings are intended to relate to a number of very loose ends that surround this case.

If I were a member of a jury that was presented with the kind of evidence that has come forward recently I would be leaning towards the innocence of Bamber.

I do not wish to offend anyone by portraying myself as supporting a murderer.

In exchanges with Mr Lomax I asked why very loose forensic issues were at the heart of the appeals when the police were reported to be in contact with a live person in White House Farm while Jeremy Bamber was hiding with other officers behind a hedge.

I asked Mr Lomax if he thought it possible that the police were actually in contact with a member of their own force who may have been in the general vicinity.

I also asked Mr Lomax if he had considered the possibility that Jeremy Bamber had posed as his adopted father re. the 'telephone call' to the police from White House Farm, returned to his cottage, and then made another call 10 minutes later.

I'm no crime expert, I just like to look into things.

Last December I was sent some very interesting information from a gentleman in Ireland who was convinved Steve Wright was innocent of The Suffolk Serial Murders and had been set up by the original suspect Tom Stephens.

Some months later after meeting people at the heart of the case, speaking at length to Stephens, sifting through a mass of fibre and DNA evidence, I saw nothing to suggest that Wright was innocent.

From the stuff I have trailed through re. Bamber I see far more grey than black and white, and for that reason I think there may still be some interesting developments.

Sparkfilms, Colchester says...
10:01pm Fri 6 Aug 10
A little more if I may, for anyone following this thread. Since keying in the previous effort I have had a further email from Scott Lomax that relates to the telephone call from Nevill Bamber to the police - and to my great surprise Mr Lomax is saying that the content of this is 'open to interpretation'
at also seems to fall into a grey area.

He does though, go on to say that this information was held back from the defence. I'm not sure how the CPS or their equivalent operated in the 80's but I am learning how they operate now.

Going back to the Ipswich case, one of the pieces of information I had to contend with which was not used as evidence in the defence of Steve Wright was the aspect of the cruciform position of bodies Alderton / Nicholls. The body positions were virtually an exact copy a piece of work by German Dada artist Max Ernst.

An image that matched these body positions was found at the home of Tom Stephens and at that time he was very much considered the No.1 target by the police.

The 'find' was published then pulled by the EDP in Norwich and as far as I know, kept fairly quite by the police.

I agreed with Tom Stephens not to publish this and additional finds in his Trimly home in my book.

snoswad, colchester says...
10:02pm Fri 6 Aug 10
i'm all in favour of hanging.right or wrong he'd be gone now and all this public money spent on his appeals and keeping him in prison wouldn't be needed.i'm all for the drop.

Anna Key, Colchester says...
10:40am Sat 7 Aug 10
Bamber is a vile and odious toff. That said, police screw ups and a possible miscarriage of justice should always set the alarm bells ringing, and Sparkfilms should be applauded for his/her diligence in highlighting this. Snoswad really does seem quite happy that all those other miscarriages of justice - Guildford 4, Birmingham 6 etc - would have been hung before their innocence was proved.

Sparkfilms, Colchester says...
11:07am Sat 7 Aug 10
Thank you Anna Key, I am a 'he' and have been receiving information through the night on this case.

This case is dynamite.

Sparkfilms, Colchester says...
10:38pm Sat 7 Aug 10
Access to the gun cupboard where the silencer was found seems to have been obstructed by the body of Nevill Bamber.

The police had to force open a door and in doing so Mr Bamber's body was unaviodably moved.

The six armed officers who raided WHF were not required to give evidence at the trial.

I hope I have this right, although I stand to be corrected if anyone knows differently.

The body of Shelia Caffell was originally reported by raid officers to have been located in the kitchen at 07.30 hrs.

In later reports at around 08.20 hrs the body of Shelia Caffell was confirmed to have been found in the main bedroom.

For the body positions for Ms Caffell I stand to be corrected by third parties.

The silencer that was located at WHF some days after the murder by family members was not handed over to the police for several days, was tampered with and subject to cross contamination.

Bloodstained underwear belonging to Shelia Caffell was removed some days after the murders and in the possession of the same family members.

I stand to be corrected on these issues.

Ms Julie Mugford was co-erced by a third party to give certain information to the police and only after 32 ( thirty two ) interviews with police officers did she implicate Jeremy Bamber in the murders.

I stand to be corrected re. Mugford.

Boris, Colchester says...
11:23pm Sat 7 Aug 10
Careful Sparkfilms, if you tell us much more detail on this thread, nobody will need to buy your book.
I'm glad to hear your motivation is objective rather than to defend Bamber. Justice must be served regardless of how odious the person is.
Police and the CPS have always screwed up their prosecutions. I did jury service at Chelmsford in the 1980s (at the same time as the Bamber trial, which I escaped serving on because they required jurors prepared to stay for much longer than the usual fortnight) and we found one defendant not guilty, just because the police evidence had discrepancies so we felt we had reasonable doubt. The judge was furious with us and discharged us all from doing any further jury duty for the rest of our lives.

Sparkfilms, Colchester says...
11:44pm Sat 7 Aug 10
Although recent media reports suggest there were no markings on the Aga surround in the police photographs that were taken on 6th August 1985, there is a single visible scratch that was identified by the police as having been caused by a gun BARREL - not a SILENCER.

The gun barrel gave a paint match.

There were no other visible markings in that area on August 6th that could have been caused by a silencer or anything else.

At least, none were recorded or reported by the police, nor were they apparent in any images shot by the police photographer at the time.

If anyone can correct me on this I would be interested to hear from them.

Pathologist, Dr Peter Venezis found scratch and gouge marks on Nevill Bamber's right forearm and similar gauge marks on the top part of Shelia Caffel's right hand which were consistent with a struggle between the two of them. I am in possession of these photographs.

Again, I would be interested in hearing from anyone who disputes this.

At the trial it was suggested that Jeremy Bamber left WHF through a window.

Having seen the amount of blood at WHF the killer would have needed to wash themselves down so as to leave no trace on any window sills etc.

All sinks and watering areas were checked. No washing down took place.

There was not a single trace of blood that could be attributed to an exit from any window or opening.

Police action and deployment on the night of August 6th suggests that the 'trick of light' was indeed a figure moving with a rifle or object in the bedroom window at WHF.

Sparkfilms, Colchester says...
12:07am Sun 8 Aug 10
My book is about The Suffolk Murders.

I will leave any major writing on the Bamber case for those that have a ten year head start - I'm in appreciation of the stuff they are sending through.

Although what I am posting might be news to some it is nothing to what I have access to - and much of this will be available online for anyone who can work out the searches - Caffel Video Crime Scene is a good place to start.

Boris, Colchester says...
10:31pm Sun 8 Aug 10
You get better results quoting the correct name for the sister, "Sheila Caffell". On Wikipedia there is a detailed article on "Jeremy Bamber" which appears to summarise the case pretty well but I wonder what Sparkfilms thinks of this.

Klaus Waugh, CO1 says...
6:19pm Mon 9 Aug 10
Boris. I had a very similar experience of jury service at the same place around the same time - perhaps we were on the same jury! In my case every single one of us jurors believed the defendant to be guilty. But we acquitted unanimously because we felt that the prosecution had so badly presented their case, and so had failed to prove a guilty verdict. What actually worries me with this one - and I say this despite finding Sparkfilms' views very interesting - is that lazy and incompetent policing may have to see a guilty man released from prison because the subsequent conviction is made unsafe.

Sparkfilms, Colchester says...
9:16pm Mon 9 Aug 10
The original appeals on behalf of Jeremy Bamber did not convince me of his innocence. I invested 12 hours of my time reading through them.

Some of this info can be seen at 'Court of Appeal Judgement Template Bamber'.

It would be interesting to see a re-construction of possible cycle routes to and from WHF at around midnight from Jeremy Bamber's home, it would also be useful to see someone of his build climbing out of the windows that were mentioned at the trial.

I just can't see how the prosecution assessment of how he committed these murders is plausible. With the amount of blood it seems impossible that no traces were ever found connected to JB. There were no footprints from JB - nothing.

The window sills were blood free and fingerprint free ( at least, as I understand it ). Nothing was picked up on his bike, his car, in his home, on his clothes, etc.

Something else that I struggle with is the angle of the shots into Caffell. The police thought that 'recoil' was the explanation for the wounds ( suicide shot ) - the only other possibility if Bamber fired into her was that she was asleep / sedated - quite possible, the children were.

The police were so certain initially that Caffell did the murders and took her own life that they allowed bloodstained items of clothing and fabric, curtains / carpets etc to be burned in a bonfire at the farm some days after the shootings.

What I have not discovered as yet, is the sound of the shot that Caffell may have put into herself after 8am - without a silencer. If the police were downstairs they would have heard it.

There appear to be some blackholes in this case.

It does seem that it took the family to convict JB - without the silencer ( I'm not even sure if it was ever used ) there may never have been a case against Jeremy Bamber.

Sparkfilms, Colchester says...
10:40pm Mon 9 Aug 10
Here is something I have been told - but as this has not come from an official source I am unable to confirm if it is true.

Police had telescopic ( some form of periscope ) sights that enabled them ( at daylight ) to see someone who appeared to be wounded and crawling across the bedroom floor at White House Farm at 6.30am.

This was the same bedroom where the body of Caffell came to its resting place. At the time of the possible sighting of the wounded June Bamber, there was no one else in that bedroom.

This sighting ( if that is what it is ) seems to coincide with the request for 2 ambulances...althoug
h, I would have had ambulances standing by from from 3.40am.

I'm getting some interesting info coming in, but for the life of me I am unable to determine its validity.

A member of Essex Fire Arms squad is doubtful if this kit was available in 1985 - having said that, wasn't it being used in Northern Ireland through the 1970's?

Sdapeze, says...
6:51pm Tue 10 Aug 10
Guilty as hell. An evil man. Give him a lie detector and see how he handles that one. Talk to a cop who worked on the case. I have and am convinced he is as guilty as hell.

Anna Key, Colchester says...
9:02pm Tue 10 Aug 10
'Give him a lie detector and see how he handles that.' I'm sure the nasty, vile toff will know exactly how to handle that. To fool one of these things you simply appear to lie during the control question, ie 'What's your name?' So then when giving your name you give the appearance of a lie, by for instance, tensing the anal sphincter. Yet another bright idea, Sdapeze.

Sparkfilms, Colchester says...
9:58pm Tue 10 Aug 10
Jeremy Bamber passed a lie detector case relating to the murders some time ago.

Lie detector tests mean nothing though in the legal system - nor does hypnotic reference - a shame that because a number plate that was revealed under hypnosis matched up with the vehicle of a certain Doctor in another famous ( and unsolved ) Essex murder.

Having said all this, the police used some 'artistic licence' to get a kind of confession from Ian Huntly when they wired up a few properties.

Sparkfilms, Colchester says...
10:28pm Tue 10 Aug 10
The 'open to interpretation' reference that relates to the phonecall from WHF re. Bamber author Scott Lomax now makes a little more sense, but either way, it does seem to support the accused.

Telecom seemed to confirm at the time that a call was made from WHF to Goldhanger. it seems like this was the call from Nevill Bamber to Jeremy Bamber anyway, the line remained open for hours after that due to the phone being off the hook.

As yet, I have not heard the theory that Jeremy phoned himself, leaving the phone off the hook, and dashed back, and answered his own phone so it registered with telecom - if anyone can see what I am trying to explain.

In those circumstances, the receiver would need to be replaced at Goldhanger for several minutes while the line cleared - but I seem to remember around the 1980's having no line for hours at a time in similar circumstances.

Even I don't think Nevill Bamber phoned the police.

But if Nevill Bamber did phone Goldhanger and Jeremy answered it - then this would make a huge difference.

Sparkfilms, Colchester says...
11:13pm Tue 10 Aug 10
Phone update.

Jeremy Bamber had an answerphone, the tapes were taken away by the police for examination, and as far as I can make out, the results were unavailable to the defence.

In the statement from the operator, she confirms that the telephone was 'off it's cradle, I could hear a dog barking' - shortly afterwards she says the phone was 'engaged' and sometime later 'off its cradle again'.

From her information it suggests someone was in the farmhouse using the phone. What we do not know is if a police officer was already inside. Maybe, like a lot of other people, she just made a mistake.

Sparkfilms, Colchester says...
11:32pm Tue 10 Aug 10
'The police were listening in on the phone and they could hear a woman ranting and screaming about God and the Devil, so they knew she was alive and possibly armed - this probably accounts for their being in contact with someone inside White House Farm, by this time Jeremy Bamber was away from the hedge and in a car, he wouldn't have heard this in real time, but may have overheard something'

Can't quote source.

Sdapeze, says...
4:33pm Wed 11 Aug 10
What amazes me is how all this new evidence turns up all these years later. Followed by all you smart arses. The police are not stupid and nor was the jury.

Sparkfilms, Colchester says...
9:55am Sun 22 Aug 10
I'm not sure if anyone will still be following this thread, but since my last postings I have done another 150 hours of research on this case.

The time of death for Shelia Caffell is crucial, so far, everything that I have been able to find suggests this occured around 7am.

A further aspect that supports this theory is the stomach contents for Caffell. The results suggest she had eaten a considerable amount of time after the evening meals, and possibly between 3am and 6am.

Post mortem results indicated that Nevill / June / Twins had eaten mid evening.

Blood flow on Caffell also suggests that she may have been put in 'recovery position' by police officers.

The photographs that were shown at the trial were darker for some reason and somehow managed to convey the impression that the blood on Shelia's neck may have been dry - this was not the case.

The photographs were either of poor quality or there is the possibility that they may have been 'retouched'.

I still have an open mind on the case, but one thing I am certain of is the shambolic police work which was a series of schoolboy errors.

Little wonder the family more or less took the case over. I'm surprised they didn't take over police HQ and get the officers to plough the fields around WHF for a week or two.