Tuesday, February 8, 2011

BAMBER his only desire is for money...

Murder family sued by killer

Jeremy Bamber, convicted of murdering five members of his adoptive family 18 years ago, is suing four surviving relatives for a total of £1.27m.
Bamber, serving a minimum 25-year sentence for five murders, said he was taking action in the high court, accusing them of unduly influencing his adoptive grandmother to change her will and deprive him of a half share in the family farmhouse at Wix, Essex, now estimated to be worth £1.6m.
He also claims back-rent on the farmhouse during his time in prison and interest on the value of his lost inheritance.
Bamber is in Full Sutton maximum security prison, near York, He announced his plans on a website run by supporters, one of whom confirmed that the announcement was genuine.
One of those named in the action, Bamber's 82-year-old adoptive aunt, said: "He murdered five members of his own family and this is just another bid by him to upset us. I have nothing to say about this action. It is rubbish and he is just interested in the publicity."
In 1986 Bamber, then 28, was found guilty of shooting dead his adoptive parents, Neville and June Bamber, at their farmhouse near Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Essex, to gain access to their £500,000 fortune.
He was also convicted of killing his stepsister Sheila Caffell and her twin six-year-old sons, Nicholas and Daniel. The trial judge called his crimes "evil beyond belief".
In his website statement he says he now understands that when his uncle and aunt called him "Cuckoo" as a child it was not an affectionate name but a "cruel jibe" against an outsider "entering the family nest and inheriting what they saw as rightfully theirs".
Last year his appeal was referred to the appeal court. He also has a case before the European court of human rights.