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21st November 2004

Daily Mirror headline
white house farm JAILED Jeremy Bamber has hailed dramatic new evidence that could clear him of murdering his family as "my best chance of freedom".
Interviewed for the first time since the evidence came to light, he said he is yearning to leave jail - and dreams of eating a Pot Noodle in front of the TV.
Bamber, who has spent 18 years behind bars after being convicted of shooting dead five members of his family including his model sister "Bambi", demanded a new court hearing into his case.
The new evidence includes a photo - published in the Sunday Mirror - which shows that his sister must have died when Bamber was with police.
Two independent medical experts say the photo of bullet wounds to her neck - which was taken at around 9am on the day of the killings - shows she died no earlier than 7.30am. Bamber was with police from 3.30am that day.

My dream of freedom? 
Watching TV at home
with a nice Pot Noodle 

  Jeremy Bamber then and now

Bamber, 43, has always denied gunning down his adoptive parents Neville and June, sister Sheila - a model nicknamed Bambi - and her twin six-year-old sons Nicholas and Daniel at the family farmhouse in Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Essex, in 1985 to claim a £500,000 inheritance.
Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Mirror from Full Sutton Prison in York, he said: "This must go before a court as this is the strongest evidence we have ever had - this is proof of my innocence."
Bamber, who has always claimed he was at home three miles away at the time of the murders, insisted: "They've hidden evidence so they could get on with the prosecution - they shouldn't be allowed to do that.
"The picture of Sheila clearly shows there is blood running down her neck. That can't have happened if she had been dead for five or six hours."
Bamber, who has previously failed twice in appeals against his conviction, said he is now "hopeful" of winning his freedom.
"I feel this is my best chance but I am a cynic after 20 years in jail fighting away. However, it appears that the truth is finally emerging after all of this time."
Bamber, who makes books for the blind in jail, added that simple dreams are all he allows himself.
"Just to be able to get some freedom back - to stand on the court steps and thank all of the people who have supported me - that's as far as I look ahead.
"If I've learnt anything from jail it's that the monetary things don't matter, it's the people that are important in life.
"Even to sit down in front of the telly with a Pot Noodle, that would be marvellous. That's as big as my dreams go. I don't have any desires for the big things in life. A rocking chair and a nice pair of slippers would do me."
Other new pieces of evidence to emerge relate to inconsistencies in police log books. One says at the murder scene police were "in conversation" with somebody in the house - while Bamber was outside. Others say a woman's body was found downstairs - when all police photos show Bamber's mother and sister upstairs.
Bamber has always tained his schizophrenic sister Sheila killed the family before turning the gun, a .22 semi-automatic rifle, on herself.
His lawyer Giovanni di Stefano has written to the High Court asking for a hearing to review the new evidence. He said: "It totally destroys the prosecution case."

BAMBER murdered his family to claim a £500,000 inheritance. He used a rifle to gun them down - before placing it on his schizophrenic sister Sheila's chest to make it look like she had carried out the killings and then committed suicide.
He drove home, called police and claimed he had just had a phone call from his father Ralph who said Sheila was "going mad with a gun".
Police charged Bamber after a silencer was discovered in a cupboard with a spot of Sheila's blood inside. Detectives decided she could not have killed herself and Bamber was the suspect.
NEW evidence proves that he was wrongly jailed for the murders. Medical experts say photos of Sheila's neck wounds show she must have died no earlier than 7.30am - at a time when Bamber was with police.
Police log books show officers were in contact with somebody in the farmhouse around 5.30am - two hours after Bamber met up with detectives.
Another log states a "female body" was found downstairs when police stormed the house at 7.37am. Yet photos from the scene show both Sheila and her mother were upstairs.