Wednesday, January 19, 2011

When a husband panics....

An man accused of murdering his wife told police that her death during a sex act was "accidental", a court has heard. Niall McDonald, 35, told police that shame, fear and panic had led him to report his 32-year-old wife Amanda McDonald missing, sparking a major police hunt.
In video evidence played during the trial at the High Court in Forfar Mr McDonald expressed his regret at not having given a more accurate account of events when first questioned over the disappearance.
Mr McDonald, now of Torry, Aberdeen, wiped tears from his eyes as he watched the tape in which he described how his wife had stopped breathing during sex.
He told the interviewing officer, Detective Constable Douglas Norrie of Grampian Police: "It was accidental. During sex my arm was usually round her neck at that point and I didn't realise it was tightening."
He told police he did not think anything was out of the ordinary until his wife went quiet and he realised she was no longer breathing.

Niall McDonald denies all the charges
Mr McDonald denies murdering his wife by putting his arm around her neck and compressing it and by carrying out a sex act using a whip handle at their marital home in Westhill, Aberdeen, on 4 January last year. He also denies attempting to defeat the ends of justice by disposing of her body, cleaning blood stains from their home and telling police she had gone missing following an argument.
McDonald told police: "I just wish that I hadn't put everyone through this all week.
"I wish I had come out with it straight away, I wish I hadn't panicked. It was a cross between fear, shame and blank.
"I just wish I hadn't put anyone through all this."
"Happy couple"
Extensive police and civilian searches were carried out for Mrs McDonald and her body was eventually recovered on 9 January, 2000, in woods on the outskirts of Aberdeen after Mr McDonald took police to the spot.
The court also heard from a series of neighbours, including Julie Ferrall, 38, of Westhill, Aberdeen.
Ms Ferrall said she had been friends with the McDonalds for about three years and that it would "never, ever, ever" have crossed her mind that the accused would have done anything to his wife.
Another neighbour, Margaret Seymour, 49, also of Westhill, Aberdeen, described the pair as a "happy couple".
She said she had talked about sex with Mrs McDonald during girls' nights out and was aware the couple had a more adventurous sex life than most.
She told the court that when Mr McDonald told her his wife was missing he had seemed "kind of in shock".
Mother-of-two Mrs McDonald had been studying for a degree in mechanical engineering at Aberdeen University and was due to sit third year honours exams.
She had been married to her oil worker husband for 13 years and the couple had two daughters.