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When a husband panics....

An man accused of murdering his wife told police that her death during a sex act was "accidental", a court has heard. Niall McDonald, 35, told police that shame, fear and panic had led him to report his 32-year-old wife Amanda McDonald missing, sparking a major police hunt.
In video evidence played during the trial at the High Court in Forfar Mr McDonald expressed his regret at not having given a more accurate account of events when first questioned over the disappearance.
Mr McDonald, now of Torry, Aberdeen, wiped tears from his eyes as he watched the tape in which he described how his wife had stopped breathing during sex.
He told the interviewing officer, Detective Constable Douglas Norrie of Grampian Police: "It was accidental. During sex my arm was usually round her neck at that point and I didn't realise it was tightening."
He told police he did not think anything was out of the ordinary until his wife went quiet and he realised she was no longer breathing.

Niall McDonald denies all the charges
Mr McDonald denies murdering his wife by putting his arm around her neck and compressing it and by carrying out a sex act using a whip handle at their marital home in Westhill, Aberdeen, on 4 January last year. He also denies attempting to defeat the ends of justice by disposing of her body, cleaning blood stains from their home and telling police she had gone missing following an argument.
McDonald told police: "I just wish that I hadn't put everyone through this all week.
"I wish I had come out with it straight away, I wish I hadn't panicked. It was a cross between fear, shame and blank.
"I just wish I hadn't put anyone through all this."
"Happy couple"
Extensive police and civilian searches were carried out for Mrs McDonald and her body was eventually recovered on 9 January, 2000, in woods on the outskirts of Aberdeen after Mr McDonald took police to the spot.
The court also heard from a series of neighbours, including Julie Ferrall, 38, of Westhill, Aberdeen.
Ms Ferrall said she had been friends with the McDonalds for about three years and that it would "never, ever, ever" have crossed her mind that the accused would have done anything to his wife.
Another neighbour, Margaret Seymour, 49, also of Westhill, Aberdeen, described the pair as a "happy couple".
She said she had talked about sex with Mrs McDonald during girls' nights out and was aware the couple had a more adventurous sex life than most.
She told the court that when Mr McDonald told her his wife was missing he had seemed "kind of in shock".
Mother-of-two Mrs McDonald had been studying for a degree in mechanical engineering at Aberdeen University and was due to sit third year honours exams.
She had been married to her oil worker husband for 13 years and the couple had two daughters.

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Mary Bell...child killer,,688106,00.html

Child killer Mary Bell becomes a grandmother at 51: But all I have left is grief, says victim's mother

By Michael Seamark and Paul Sims
Last updated at 10:56 AM on 9th January 2009

Child killer Mary Bell has become a grandmother, it emerged yesterday. 
Bell became notorious at 11 after being convicted of strangling two small boys 'solely for the pleasure and excitement' of killing. 
Now 51, the woman at the centre of one of the most sensational trials of the 20th century later won a court order giving her the right to anonymity for life. 
The ruling is similar to those protecting the identities of Maxine Carr, girlfriend of Soham murderer Ian Huntley, and Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, who killed two-year-old James Bulger in 1993.
Mary Bell
In detention: Convicted child murderer Mary Bell aged 16
The identity of Bell's 24-year-old daughter will also remain a secret until her dying day. 
The order protecting her has been updated by the High Court in London to include Bell's grandchild, who was referred to as 'Z'.
Last night June Richardson, 64, whose four-year-old son Martin Brown was suffocated by Bell, said: 'A child is a blessing.
'She took my blessing and left me with grief for the rest of my life. I hope when she looks at this child she remembers the two she murdered.
'I will never see a grandchild from my son. I hope every time she looks at this baby she realises what my family are missing out on because of what she has done.'
Martin Brown
Loss: June Richardson's son Martin, four, was strangled by Bell in 1968. She says she now has nothing left but grief
Grief: Martin Brown was strangled by Bell when he was four. His mother, June Richardson says she has nothing left in her life but grief
Bell was convicted of manslaughter in December 1968 for suffocating Martin and Brian Howe, three, in Newcastle.
Martin, of Scotswood, Newcastle, was found dead in a derelict house, while Brian's body was discovered on waste ground two months later with the letter M carved into his stomach with scissors.
Bell's fellow accused, Norma Bell, 13, a neighbour who was not related to her, was acquitted. 
During the trial Norma gave evidence describing how Mary had ignored her pleas to stop hurting Brian Howe as she strangled him. 
The jury ruled Bell was suffering from diminished responsibility and therefore not guilty of murder.
She received life in detention but was released at 23 and given a fresh identity to protect her daughter when she was born four years later, on May 25, 1984  -  16 years to the day after Martin died.
She has had three assumed identities and has moved at least five times after being identified. 
In 1998, she was paid a reported £50,000 for collaborating with author Gitta Sereny's book, Cries Unheard, which detailed her life. She was tracked down amid calls for her right to anonymity to end.
But in 2003 the double child killer and her 18-year-old daughter were granted the right to live anonymously for the rest of their lives after a High Court ruling that outraged her victims' families. 
Mrs Richardson said: 'It's all about her and how she has to be protected. As victims we are not given the same rights as killers.'

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Mary Ann Cotton..Serial killer

Lindsey Rimer murderer never found

Update: on 7th November, 2009 it will be 15 years since Lindsay Rimer was last seen.

“I don’t know what happened to my daughter” — Guardian article, to coincide with the 12th anniversary of the murder of Lindsay Rimer on 7th November 2006.
Anyone with any information which could help the enquiry should contact police on 0845 6060606 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.
Ever since the Hebden Bridge Web started in 1995, there is one issue we have highlighted again and again: the murder of Lindsay. And we will continue to do so. Why has there been no arrest? Just what have the police done to find the murderer? Isn’t it time for an independent team to review the police investigation?

In the late evening of November 7th. 1994 13 year old Lindsay Rimer, a Year 8 pupil at Calder High School, left her home in Cambridge Street to go shopping. She visited the Trades Club where her mother Geri was enjoying a night out, to get some money and was last seen alive on the CCTV at the Spar supermarket buying a packet of cornflakes for her breakfast next day.

Lindsay had a paper round at Forbuoy’s Newsagents who telephoned her parents next day to alert them to the fact that she had not turned up for her paper round that morning.
In spite of being assured by family and friends that Lindsay was unlikely to have left home, for some time the Police believed that she was one of the thousands of teenagers who run away every year. But when her weighted down body was discovered in the canal near Aquaspersion’s in April 1995 the hunt for Lindsay became the hunt for her murderer.
Since then Police have investigated the possibility that Lindsay might have been killed by either John Taylor or John Oswin, two men convicted of sexual attacks and murders of other young women in Yorkshire. So far, however, no evidence has been found to link her murder to either of these men.
In the past nine years Lindsay’s family have done a great deal to make sure that their daughter’s death is not forgotten organising vigils in November. Posters of Lindsay remain in the windows of shops all over Hebden Bridge. People are still being urged to see if they can remember anything about that night or to discuss any suspicions they may have with the Police.
Although it may seem a long time ago, the fact that her murderer has yet to be arrested disturbs many people in Hebden Bridge where the unsolved killing remains a major issue in residents’ minds. Before Lindsay’s murder Hebden Bridge seemed like a very safe place to live but the fact that her murderer may still be amongst us still troubles many of us. As Geri Rimer commented in 1999 on the fifth anniversary of Lindsay’s disappearance, “It happened in this community — it still affects this community — and I believe that someone from this community did this to Lindsay.”

From a Courier article in December 2000
Canal gives up its grim secret
THEY find all sorts when clearing debris from the canal: flotsam, bottles, beer cans, car tyres, bits of timber and sometimes dead creatures.

Disposing of decaying, waterlogged sheep and wild animals is not a pleasant business. But for experienced canal workers, Charlie Streets and Andy Glover — with 25 years working on the Rochdale Canal between them — an occupational hazard that goes with the job.
They spend most days fitting new lock gates and often walk or cycle the canal length, Yorkshire side, inspecting towpaths, maintaining walls and clearing rubbish. On a bright spring day in April 1995 the two men were finishing a routine patrol.
It was late morning, not long before lunch. They were back at their base at Callis Mill. The Rochdale Canal workshops are a mile or so outside Hebden Bridge where the Calder River and Rochdale Canal run only yards apart. Charlie, then aged 29, a family man from Halifax, was removing debris.
“There was quite a lot from Lock 12, tyres, bits of wood, all sorts. Then I noticed this greyish object a foot or so under the water. Visibility wasn’t good enough to determine what it was so I put my hand in first.
“I had rubber gloves on and tried to pull it out but I didn’t have a good enough grip on it to pull it out, so I came back to Callis Mill for a grappling hook, went back and pulled it up like,” says Charlie.
It took him a few seconds to come to terms with what he’d found. Then he called his mate Andy over and between them they tied off the grappling hooks so that it wouldn’t float away.
Andy, from Mytholmroyd, used his mobile to call the police. “They asked me to describe exactly what we’d found and I said to them: ‘look, just get here’.”
Andy, a father of three and then aged 35, knew exactly what they’d found. As they’d grappled the object to the canal bank it had rolled over in the water. It was not a pleasant sight, but one feature drew his gaze. Three or four thin wispy strands of brown hair were floating across the top of the face. Just like the missing person’s photo issued by police immediately after the disappearance of 13-year-old Lindsay Jo Rimer the previous autumn.
Andy and Charlie, like everyone in the Calder Valley, knew she was still missing. Everyone knew of the massive but fruitless police search. Andy even knew her. He’s sure he’d seen her once or twice while working on the canal near her home in Cambridge Street, Hebden Bridge.
Charlie, the man who found the body, is a phlegmatic sort but admits he felt a bit shaky. (He was nervous in dark places for a day or two afterwards and had one terrible nightmare a few months later but otherwise remains unaffected).
Within an hour of the grim discovery police had put a screen round the canal side and forensic experts and frogmen had, with respectful, tender care, slid the body, still in the water to minimise cross-contamination, into a body bag.
By the middle of the afternoon, Home Office pathologist Professor Mike Green, assisted by Dr Naomi Carter, had arrived at the mortuary at the Royal Halifax Infirmary to start the chilling task of performing a post-mortem on the remains of Lindsay Jo Rimer. Professor Green, now retired, is one of the most experienced and well-respected forensic pathologists in Britain. He has performed over 10,000 autopsies and he has investigated well over 800 homicides. The police trust his judgements.
His conclusion, by the time he left the Infirmary around 9.30 that evening, was that Lindsay very probably died from strangulation. Despite the condition of the body, immersed in water for so long, there were telltale clues.
Her voicebox had been slightly flattened against the spinal column, as though it had been abruptly forced back and there was, he says, a prominent band of congestion across the middle area of the neck muscles.
His report was detailed and definitive. Its conclusions provided the basic foundations on which the police began their murder inquiry. It will, in due course, provide expert evidence in the prosecution of Lindsay Rimer’s killer.
Only the sketchiest details have been made public and many elements of the post-mortem report — especially the arrangement of Lindsay’s clothing — have been deliberately witheld by the police for tactical reasons.
But Professor Green’s report opened a new chapter in the biography of Lindsay Rimer’s tragicallly short life. The five months search, which had involved dozens of detectives, many uniformed officers and posses of volunteers was finally over.
But another search now began in earnest, the search for the person or persons who had killed Lindsay Jo Rimer and disposed of her body. Charlie Streets at Callis Mill, unwittingly wrote the first sentence of that new chapter.
From the moment her disappearance was notified, on the morning of November 8 1994, detectives had discreetly begun a murder inquiry in parallel with the missing person inquiry. They knew that every lead, every clue, every statement gathered in the early stages would be crucial if Lindsay wasn’t found alive. What many accounts of the case often overlook, however, are eerie links between the grim discovery at Callis Mill and Lindsay’s earlier life. There are strong connections between the place she was found and the surrounding area and some of its people.
Lindsay’s watery grave at Callis is shadowed by a steep wooded hillside above which are dotted the remote farms of Erringden, a gently sloping plateau that falls away from Erringden Moor to the South West.
And it was here, until about a year before she went missing, that Lindsay lived with her father Gordon and her older teenage brother Daniel. For over two years she and Daniel shared a green-painted caravan parked up at Lower Rough Head Farm. Her father Gordon had lived in another.
Both caravans are semi-derelict now. Since the three Rimers moved out, according to the farmer’s son, Ian Pratt, they have been used to keep ferrets in. The ceiling of the curtained off section where Lindsay slept is still dotted with stickers the adolescent Lindsay put there.
It must have been a strange place for the young girl. She and Daniel were brought there by their father. Their parents’ Rotherham pub, on the edge of a sink estate, fell victim, says Gordon Rimer, to the fag end of Thatcherism.
Lower Rough Head Farm was the bolt hole Gordon Rimer had brought Lindsay and Danny to whilst Geraldine stayed in Rotherham with their older sister Kate. Gordon says Geraldine refused to move back with him.
Yet several years earlier Gordon, Geraldine, Kate and Daniel had lived at the very same farm, according to farmer Bernard Pratt. “They lived at Higher Rough Head, only a poor little cottage, just Danny and Kate. That were before Lindsay was born.” When Bernard Pratt’s father died, the cottage was sold. (It seems that Geraldine Rimer was pregnant with Daniel at that time.) Bernard Pratt recalls Gordon turning up in 1991, telling him the pub had gone bust and asking if there was anywhere to stay. There wasn’t. But Gordon persuaded him to get the caravans.
(Only months before Lindsay was killed, early in 1994, former Calderdale councillor Eddie Scott — a close friend of Gordon Rimer — and Bernard Pratt caused a local furore with their plan to site a seven turbine windfarm at nearby Kershaw Farm).
Daniel seems to have loved the place. The way Gordon Rimer tells it, Daniel became an honorary member of the rural backwoods set. He did odd paid jobs for farmer Bernard Pratt. (The day before Lindsay went missing he was sheep dipping at the farm.) He learnt about nature red in tooth and claw too. Gordon Rimer, 51, stresses how at home his son Danny was. He learned a lot about the ways of country people during his time at Lower Rough Head Farm. Danny was fascinated. Foxes are a continuing menace to sheep farmers like Bernard Pratt. (They took 20 lambs this year) Killing them isn’t sport, it is economic survival.
Yet if Daniel relished life as a hillbilly slacker on the ramshackle hill farm, it must have been a very different story for Lindsay. In many ways she was isolated. She had to use the farmhouse phone to call her friends, for example. Bernard Pratt recalls he had to ration the calls: “I did get a bit annoyed when she kept telling her little school friends to ring up and I’d be working outside and have to come in to answer it. One night I had to come in three times so I said to her, ‘Lindsay I’m rationing you to one call a night now. I’m not going to be coming in like this.’ There was no nastiness.”
The incident offers a clue though, to Lindsay’s predicament then. Her mother and older sister Kate were in Rotherham, the other side of Yorkshire. She was stuck in the back of beyond, in an essentially all-male environment.
Bernard Pratt had a soft spot for Lindsay and used to pay her to clean the farmhouse kitchen. His wife Mary was something of a confidante. She and Lindsay baked cakes together and perhaps Mary provided a mother substitute? But Mary and her husband were going through a rocky patch and Mary moved out and into a nearby cottage.
No wonder the phone was Lindsay’s lifeline. That and the daily taxi that crawled up the winding road through the silver birch trees of Callis Wood and up to the farm to collect her and take her to school at Calder High.
How many times did Lindsay look idly across the Callis Bridge, as the taxi crossed the canal, then the river? Did she notice the metal hulks of barges and dredger tied up there at Callis Mill? Did this sensitive, sensible child ever feel one of those unaccountable shivers of dread as she crossed that bridge?
Anyone with any information which could help the enquiry should contact police on 0845 6060606 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.
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Blair / McCann connections...Bush/ Ed Smart microchipping children

Blair to teach at Yale University

Tony Blair is to take up a senior academic post in the autumn at one of America's most prestigious universities teaching politics and religion.

Yale confirmed yesterday he is to join the schools of management and divinity, at the campus in New Haven, Connecticut.

He will combine his work at Yale with his duties as a special envoy to the Quartet, an international body committed to peace in the Middle East.

He is to spend part of each month in London and part in New Haven.

His work with the Quartet - which represents the United Nations, the US, the European Union and Russia - takes up about ten days a month. Sources close to Blair say that he is taking on an enormous work burden and will be tremendously over-committed in the coming year.

The deans of the Yale schools of management and divinity are in discussion with Blair about how much time he will spend at the university.

Professor Richard Levin, president of Yale, said: "The appointment of Mr. Blair provides a tremendous opportunity for our students and our community. As the world continues to become increasingly inter-dependent, it is essential that we explore how religious values can be channeled toward reconciliation rather than polarisation."

He added: "Mr Blair has demonstrated outstanding leadership in these areas and is especially qualified to bring his perspective to bear. We are honoured that he is planning to join the Yale community."

Blair and his then chief of staff, Jonathan Powell, sounded out the London School of Economics in 2006 about setting up a school of government but backed off after resistance from staff and students over his role in the Iraq war.

Blair's close links with President George Bush and his support for the 2003 Iraq invasion are less controversial in the US than in Britain.

Yale has strong ties with Bush and his father, both graduates. Blair's son Euan is an undergraduate at the university.

(Bush members of Skull and Bone )

Blair, who is in the US and is due to return to the UK next week, saw Bush in Washington on Tuesday.

Yale had not been planning to announce his new post until later this year but brought forward a statement after being contacted by the Guardian.

His decision to teach religion as well as politics confirms how important his Christianity was during his years in Downing Street. Fearful that it could turn off some voters, he played it down in the run-up to the 1997 general election and the early years of his premiership.

He is to set up a Blair Faith Foundation, based in London, before heading to the US for the autumn term. The foundation is intended to promote understanding between Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and look at the role of religion in the modern world.

The new body was inspired by the Clinton Foundation, which raises money for the developing world.

Yale said that he will teach a seminar and be involved in other events round the campus, all related to examining issues of faith and globalisation related to his Faith Foundation. While at Downing Street, he read the Koran to try to better understand the Muslim world in the aftermath of 9/11.

His post at Yale is the Howland Distinguished Fellowship, created in 1915 for a "citizen of any country in recognition of some achievement of marked distinction in the field of literature or fine arts or the science of government." Among those who have been Howland Distinguished Fellows are the composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, journalist Sir Alistair Cooke and stateswoman Indira Gandhi.

Tony Blair..skull and bones institution

Skull and Bone... Elite list but who is on it ?

Comments on freemasonry

George Bush is NOT a Mason. I seriously doubt he would ever be permitted to join a Lodge, as he is not of upstanding character. He and his father are, however, members of Skull and Bones, a secret society which, unlike Masons, serves no other purpose than to be secretive and get its members into positions of power. His administration has 5 other "Bonesmen" in it, and he has 10 of them in his cabinet. Freemasonry would not stand for such cronyism. George Bush is NOT a Mason.

As for those of you who claim things like "blood oaths" and such to be fact...well, you really should do some research before saying these things. Masonry is secretive because of past persecution, and tradition. I don't think it should be such a big deal. It's "secrets" are really just it's lessons, which teach good morals, something most people are seriously lacking these days. It's been said before, and I'll say it again, if a man was not permitted to join, it was because he was not of upstanding character. Masons are fine people, and I am a proudly affliated with them as a state officer in The Order of the Rainbow for Girls. Masons have laid the foundation for success in my life.

PLEASE do your research (and not just on conspiracy whacko websites) before condemning this great organization.

Michelle Bettles / Glenis Carruthers / Sandra Hardyman

Glenis and Sandra both members of The Fisherfolk'

Meetings held at...

Gresham School

Michelle Bettles murdered over Easter weekend 2002 in Norfolk...was thera Christian meeting and were any members from Clifton College there?

Was there a meeting of 'The Fisher folk' that week-end?

Were all Hardymans including Stanley Hardyman a member of this Christian group ?

Michelle Bettles (22)

From Norwich, Norfolk

Murdered Thursday 28 March 2002, Norfolk

Michelle Bettles, a drug addict and prostitute, with three small children, none of whom were in her care, she was last seen alive in the Queens Road area of Norwich. Her fully-clothed body was founded in woodland off Podmore Lane, Podmore, near Scarning, Dereham, three days later.

Michelle had been working as a prostitute in Norwich. She is thought to have travelled from her home in Dereham Road into the red light district on the Thursday evening. It was believed she walked along St.Benedicts towards the city centre. Michelle had made arrangements with two men for that evening . One of those men was from a business in Prince of Wales Road in Norwich, and the other was a taxi driver from the Thetford area.
At about 21:30 on Saturday 30th March, people working close to the scene at Scarning where Michelle's body was found heard an engine "racing." Soon afterwards, a "Japanese type" 4 x 4 vehicle was seen driving at speed towards Dereham, away from the spot where Michelle's body was found.

A man walking his dog in Rushmeadow Road, Scarning near Dereham, found Michelle's body at approximately 10:15 on Sunday 31st March. The cause of her death was manual strangulation.

Some items of Michelle's personal property was missing: a long black leather coat, a black fabric jacket with a fur collar, a long black leather coat with wide lapels and belt, and possibly a tear on the left shoulder, a black hair brush with cream bristles on one side only and about eight inches in length, as well as disposable cream or clear coloured "Clipper" lighter or lighters, a pack of Golden Virginia or Old Holborn tobacco, and Rizla cigarette papers, and possibly a handbag or other personal effects.

(What if this is another Jo Yeates type of murder, coat and bag missing, but body may have been dumped after being murdered inside someones home, or mention of sexual abuse..still wearing her boots and Glenis 's sandals were found near by...once again manual one would steal her coat it would be recognised ,so again a body found without a coat and bag missing...?)
Michelle was approximately 5ft. 4in. tall, very slim with long dark wavy hair. She had a mole on her nose and distinctive thick dark eyebrows. When found she was wearing a red T-shirt, red wrap around skirt, beige tights and long zipped black boots. She was the mother of three young children. She had lived in Norwich for the majority of her life, but also had connections in Dereham and Swaffham. She became a heroin addict and prostitute.

Telephone Norfolk Police: 01953 424242.

We have enjoyed another very busy year in the Christian Forum. Our weekly Wednesday evening meetings in room 13 have attracted between 10 and 35 pupils each week.

Many of the outside speakers are leaders at Iwerne Holidays or full time staff members of that organisation. Iwerne Holdiays organise Christian holiday parties in Norfolk as well as other activities and Clifton has a strong link with these holidays at the moment. Over the last few years around 30 Cliftonians have attended one of the holidays or the Easter revision week.

Last seen Holy Thursday March 28

Body found Easter Sunday....

Easter and Christmas deaths ???

AND another 4x4 involved or seen ...

The murder of Michelle Bettles was one of a series of prostitute murders in Norfolk going back to 1992 when the first one, Natalie Pearman, was killed:

 It was later thought that Steve Wright, the Ipswich prostitute murderer, was involved, especially as he was the landlord of the pub where Natalie Pearman was a regular. The police say, however, that he was not connected with them. He also worked on the QE2 with Suzy Lamplugh, and was on leave at the same time she disappeared.

20 miles from Holt to Scarning

Christian Group in song...from the  'Fisherfolk'

Both members of 'Fisherfolk' the comment in the above article ' It was not that SORT' of party 'makes me wonder was it a 'Fisherfolk' sort of party...Religious groups attract a lot of very strange people.

A little more info picked up from DS.

Iwerne Holidays (from their site) were founded in 1930 and used a public school in Iwerne Minster for 'about 60 years' from the beginning of WW2 for summer retreats until moving to Holt in Norfolk. Bournemouth is around 25 miles away from Iwerne Minster....

Sandra Court was found murdered close to the Avon Causeway near Hurn (this is in the sticks but is a commonly used road) on May 3 1986 (a Bank Holiday weekend). She was strangled with minimum force and her shoes were missing. There was no obvious sign of a sexual motive. Suzi Lamplugh disappeared soon afterwards and the cases were certainly linked in the local media .

The trail of evidence left by the perp seems to indicate someone from out of the immediate area as Picket Post is a junction on the A31 which leads to the M27/M3 (Southampton/London) heading east or Ringwood/Dorchester/Blandford/Exeter heading west. It is not the most direct route back into Bournemouth or Poole from the dump site.

Another very bizarre coincidence is that starting from Sandra Court there's a 8 year gap between the main victims, mentioned on here, who were murdered and found in a similar fashion. Sandra Court 1986, Lindsay Rimer 1994, Michelle Bettles 2002 and Joanna 2010.
In turn RPS planning is linked to Joanna Yates! her work place Hyland Edgar Driver and RPS planning are linked to the planning application FOUGHT BY Christopher Jefferies and Mr Peter Rendle ,

Joanna Yates lived under the same roof as people who hated her company and boss she worked for and her job.she would not know the bad blood and feelings by Chris Jefferies and Peter Rendal when she saw the advert for £750 a month flat.

Yes, there were weelie bins at the property. These were stored on the left hand side of the drive, out of sight near to where the cars parked. The bins serviced all of the flats.

only imo, I would suggest that cj and Mr hardyman would have taken responsibility for moving all of the bins from there to the kerbside. The long term residents took different roles in looking after the property. I have seen cj bringing the bins back into the property, but not actually putting them out.

Mr Hardyman takes the bulk of gardening work.

Did you live at the flats?

  • Lawrence

  • no I worked ther as a window cleaner 98-06

  • What do you know about Peter Stanley.


    lly Posted by purrfect_catlov View Post
    EXACTLY....No no no no no no no no I am sorry I dont believe this one bit.

    He is away for 2 days and he must have tried to contact her to say when he is coming home. Its a 3.5 hours drive normally so he would have left at say 3.30ish .... So he didnt send her a text or want to tell her he was coming home can you get me something to eat I will be starving when I get in OR god I have missed you cant wait to see you.......

    ODD ODD ODD would come to mind when he got no answer to that one.............

    Any partner would be home when their hubby or boyfriend came in after being away 2 days bloody hell I couldnt go 2 days without my husband at that age lol for carnal reasons lol.

    So most would be there at home not glavinating out with mates.

    I DONT CARE IF YOU ARE DIFFERENT it doesnt equate.....

    So when he got home she wasnt there, no no no no no you would panic like mad I dont care who you are UNLESS of course you had a row before you went and just thought she was still being a bit huffy but was she like that.

    No this guy was either in denial to something happening......or had some awful sickening feeling he could have put her in some way...........

    I dont get it no way no how.......

    The cat would have had me ringing the police just for advice ..... not wait 4 hours...ARRRGGGH I just dont get it...........

    Posts being pulled from DS this one in case it goes makes VERY GOOD observations----


    I have been lurking since the start of this one, it’s my first post, please be kind.

    I agree and say forget Greg, regarding his demeanour etc at the press conference, how would you feel going through his current emotions, lost a love one, finger pointing, it being speculated Jo had a secret lover, the confirmed inviting text to a friend of her brothers, and Jo stopping for condoms, its no surprise really, and this is only what we know of.

    Has anyone taken this view……………During this investigation the police have linked one of the suspects to the Caruthers murders possibly strong enough to get a prosecution but are holding back for want of more evidence relating to Joanna,s murder, I believe there is DNA from the Caruthers case, I’m sure this was stated somewhere.
    It would not look good to solve the 1974 murder and not this one, I know it has been stated they feel the crimes are not related but they would if for a reason, after all it does narrow the field of suspects down somewhat, two of them certainly knew Greg was away for the weekend.
    I feel the recent unusual carefully scripted conference was targeted at someone very close to the flat of Jo & Greg and that is why the police have stated the crimes are not related in order to make who they suspect slip up.

    My interest is I have 2 teenage daughters, and would be delighted if they grew up to be like Joanna with a good job and a smiley face. exbobby....

    Tuesday, January 11, 2011